Disco Night 70/80, Vol. 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Disco Night 70/80, Vol. 3by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:02:54


1.Magical Night (Night Mix)by Change5:37
2.Dreamer (N° 1 Remix)by The B.B. & Q. Band6:16
3.Love Is The Reason (Vocal Version) (12-Inch Version)by Time6:07
4.Are You Ready (Kenny Clairbone And The Armed Gang) (Remix) (and The Armed Gang)by Kenny Clairbone6:31
5.Drives Me Crazy (Extended Version)by Peter Jacques Band5:47
6.You Make Me Happyby Firefly5:09
7.Gotta Take Your Loveby Game7:20
8.Take You (Complete Rare Mix) (12-Inch Version)by Barbara Sand5:28
9.Fame, Fame (Raff Todesco Mix) (12-Inch Version)by Rare Band5:15
10.Montrealby Macho4:44
11.She's A Devil (Vocal Version) (12-Inch Version)by George Aaron5:44
12.Love Theme From Flexxy-Ball (You'll Never Change No More) (12-Inch Version)by Flexx6:41
13.Let's Make It (12by Valerie Allington6:19
14.Another Love In My Heart (Vocal Version) (12-Inch Version)by Robert Reds6:35
15.I Saw Him Make Eyes Atchooby Flowchart4:26
16.Wot Timesby Model 11-298:33
17.Supercoolby Kash7:09
18.Living (Island And Holiday) (and Holiday)by Island7:00
19.I Remember (Look Me Baby) (Raff Todesco Unreleased Mix) (12-Inch Version)by Czar6:11
20.Look For Another Time (Raff Todesco Mix) (12-Inch Version)by Presence6:02