Disintegration (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Cure

Disintegration (Deluxe Edition)by The Cure

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:37:30


Disk #1

2.Pictures Of You7:29
4.Love Song3:30
5.Last Dance4:46
7.Fascination Street5:16
8.Prayers For Rain6:08
9.The Same Deep Water As You9:22

Disk #2

1.Prayers For Rain (Rs Home Demo)3:01
2.Pictures Of You (Rs Home Demo)3:32
3.Fascination Street (Rs Home Demo)2:41
4.Homesick (Band Rehearsal)3:14
5.Fear Of Ghosts (Band Rehearsal)2:59
6.Noheart (Band Rehearsal)2:42
7.Esten (Band Demo)3:15
8.Closedown (Band Demo)2:51
9.Lovesong (Band Demo)3:42
10.2 Late (Alt Version) (Band Demo)2:52
11.The Same Deep Water As You (Band Demo)6:06
12.Disintegration (Band Demo)6:37
13.Untitled (Alt Version) (Studio Rough)3:39
14.Babble (Alt Version) (Studio Rough)3:01
15.Plainsong (Studio Rough)4:46
16.Last Dance (Studio Rough)4:43
17.Lullaby (Studio Rough)3:49
18.Out Of Mind (Studio Rough)3:00
19.Delirious Night (Rough Mix)4:31
20.Pirate Ships (Rs Solo) (Rough Mix)3:38

Disk #3

1.Plainsong (Live At Wembley 1989)5:20
2.Pictures Of You (Live At Wembley 1989)7:05
3.Closedown (Live At Wembley 1989)4:22
4.Lovesong (Live At Wembley 1989)3:24
5.Last Dance (Live At Wembley 1989)4:37
6.Lullaby (Live At Wembley 1989)4:14
7.Fascination Street (Live At Wembley 1989)5:10
8.Prayers For Rain (Live At Wembley 1989)4:50
9.The Same Deep Water As You (Live At Wembley 1989)10:04
10.Disintegration (Live At Wembley 1989)7:55
11.Homesick (Live At Wembley 1989)6:47
12.Untitled (Live At Wembley 1989)6:45