Divinity: Dragon Commander mp3 Soundtrack by Kirill Pokrovsky

Divinity: Dragon Commanderby Kirill Pokrovsky

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:30


1.Dragon Armies Marchby Kirill Pokrovsky2:00
2.For the Hand of a Princessby Kirill Pokrovsky4:26
3.Watching the Cloudsby Kirill Pokrovsky1:35
4.At the Court of the Dragon Kingby Kirill Pokrovsky2:52
5.The Bastard Son Foretoldby Kirill Pokrovsky1:34
6.The Board Is Setby Kirill Pokrovsky2:00
7.Ophelia's Lamentby Kirill Pokrovsky0:51
8.Afterburnerby Kirill Pokrovsky3:08
9.March to Warby Kirill Pokrovsky2:16
10.The Dead of Nightby Kirill Pokrovsky2:28
11.On the Prowlby Kirill Pokrovsky1:51
12.The Princess and the Dragonby Kirill Pokrovsky1:23
13.The Hands of Timeby Kirill Pokrovsky4:10
14.Where Demons Dwellby Kirill Pokrovsky1:53
15.Call to Armsby Kirill Pokrovsky3:13
16.The Royal Chamberby Kirill Pokrovsky4:57
17.Soaring Highby Kirill Pokrovsky3:33
18.Bloodmoonby Kirill Pokrovsky4:09
19.The Emperor's Standby Kirill Pokrovsky1:27
20.Rivellon Unitedby Kirill Pokrovsky0:49
21.The Drudanae Effectby Kirill Pokrovsky1:55