DJ's Choice 03: BVoice mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

DJ's Choice 03: BVoiceby Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:16


1.Guns Gungsters (Tantsui dub) (and Friga)by TrockenSaft7:30
2.Flying Cat (Agraba in the Box remix)by Days of Funk6:06
3.Teens (Eddie C remix) (and Volta Cab)by Sportloto6:23
4.Childhood (original mix)by Kirill Good7:44
5.Offshare (Mihai Popoviciu remix) (and Oscar Barila)by Aldo Cadiz6:51
6.Follow You (BarBQ Follow Me rework)by uP & pG9:00
7.I'll Follow You Through the Night (original mix)by Ponty Mython5:54
8.Southwater (original mix) (and Yaroslove)by Technique6:57
9.Jakarta Groove (SCSI-9 remix)by Sasse8:47
10.Evening Avenue (Timo Camillo long Pad, Wood Brick remix)by Ivan Latyshev6:44
11.Don't So No (original mix)by Andrey Burtaev9:34
12.Running Nowhere (Chris Lattner remix)by Marvin Zeyss7:12
13.Sirtaki on Mars (original mix)by OMFO5:49
14.Sirtaki on Mars (Electrosoul System Beatless remix)by OMFO7:17
15.Rita and Guitar (original mix)by BarBQ4:27
16.Jazzman (original mix)by Marvin Zeyss5:12
17.Rain, Part 1 (original mix)by Wunderblock9:57
18.Organica (Days of Funk Chill remix)by Volta Cab3:42
19.Queer Fanta (original mix)by Modul4:05
20.Melting (original mix)by Wunderblock8:05