DJ's Choice 04: Agraba mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

DJ's Choice 04: Agrababy Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:09:34


1.Doroga Domoi (original mix)by Alexey Arkhipovskiy5:11
2.Goodbye to the Reflection (original mix) (and Amor Entrave)by Alpha Co11:11
3.Nef (original mix)by Wunderblock6:12
4.Sirtaki on Mars (2011 version)by OMFO6:21
5.Futurama Fear (original mix) (and Amor Entrave)by Alpha Co6:15
6.Who's There (original mix)by Dima Terem7:32
7.Guns Gungsters (Tantsui remix) (and Friga)by TrockenSaft6:34
8.Follow You (Asaga remix)by uP & pG7:50
9.Voltiger (original mix) (and Izhevski)by Gorje Hewek7:12
10.For You (original mix)by Laydbook8:20
11.Last Breath Before the Dive (original mix)by Dave Pad8:34
12.Masquerade (original mix)by Ilves & Migova6:58
13.Rita and Guitar (original mix)by BarBQ4:27
14.Rita in Space (original mix)by BarBQ1:31
15.Falling Down (original mix)by Dave Pad7:37
16.Running Nowhere (Chris Lattner remix)by Marvin Zeyss7:12
17.Beautiful Day (Timo Camillo Hongkonged 6am remix)by Tantsui4:02
18.Call (original mix) (feat. Therr Maitz)by Tantsui6:47
19.Flying Cat (Agraba in the Box remix)by Days of Funk6:06
20.Organica (Days of Funk Chill remix)by Volta Cab3:42