DJ Seroton: Unwind, Vol. 35 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

DJ Seroton: Unwind, Vol. 35by Various Artists

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:06


1.Escapeby Glimmer of Blooms3:40
2.Chasing Cars (Mango Remix) (DJ Seroton Edit)by Snow Patrol2:24
3.A Piece of Summer (DJ Seroton Edit)by Fluidis1:36
4.Be Happyby Relaxing Chillout Music Zone2:34
5.First Dream Called Ocean (Colin Kenniff Remix)by Helios2:39
6.Sea Fog Away (DJ Seroton Mashup) (vs. Mike Oldfield)by Keane4:59
7.In The Hallway (“What Maisie Knew” Soundtrack)by Nick Urata1:00
8.We Will Rebuild With Smooth Stonesby Balmorhea3:18
9.Land Of Eternal Sunsetby Almadrava4:29
10.Going to the Country (“Learning to Drive” Soundtrack) (and Paul Hicks)by Dhani Harrison7:28
11.The Friendly Falling Rainby Poolz3:54
12.Perfect Moment (Waves Edit)by Zouzou3:14
13.Say Somethingby Aux Verba2:31
14.Springtimesby Keinohrhasen Score2:55
15.What Time Do You Call This (“Man Up” Soundtrack)by Elbow5:47
16.This Fire (You Lit In My Heart Will Destroy Us Both)by Gang Violins8:38