DJs Take Control, Volume 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

DJs Take Control, Volume 3by Various Artists

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:23:44


Disk #1

1.This Time (Carl Craig mix)by Jonny L6:47
2.Lost in Space (Deep Dish mix)by Dished-Out Bums4:36
3.Deliver Me (Jazz-N-Groove mix)by Urban Blues Project6:00
4.Past & Present (Jazz-N-Groove mix)by RMA7:13
5.Reach Higher (Todd Terry House dub & Swing 52 mix)by Unknown Society8:46
6.Work Your Bodyby Electronic Ruffness3:48
7.Jazz Fucby Idjut Boys & Laj7:21
8.Won't Stop Da Beat (Deep Dish mix)by Dished-Out Bums2:32
9.Spiritu Indioby George Llanes, Jr.3:33
10.Ahaby Laidback Luke2:38
11.Pons (Dobre & Jamez mix)by R-Factor4:26
12.Walk So Lonelyby St Germain-en-Laye2:01
13.Feeling Happyby Filthy Rich4:03
14.Disc Revengeby Gusto10:10

Disk #2

1.Be Freeby Basement Jaxx5:54
2.I'm So Grateful (Roc-N-Kato's Master mix) (feat. Densaid)by Kings of Tomorrow6:20
3.Let It All Outby Olav Basoski & Erick E5:19
4.Satori (New Skool Sonic mix)by Satori4:32
5.Sex on My Mind (DJ Pierre mix)by Urban Soul6:25
6.Heaven Knows (Sound Factory mix) (feat. Basil Rodericks)by Angel Moraes5:32
7.Hideaway (Ali Needs to Score mix)by De'Lacy6:06
8.The Search (Dobre & Jamez mix)by Trancesetters2:47
9.Until We Meet Again (Hani's Heavenly mix)by Urban Soul8:33
10.Reach Out to Me (Paper Boys Early Morning mix)by Karen Pollack4:45
11.Philadelphia (David Morales Def mix)by Brooklyn Friends7:08
12.Nade Masby XS2:51
13.Fly to the Moon (Mood II Swing mix)by Indigo3:38

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