Don't Forget mp3 Artist Compilation by Fake Shark-Real Zombie
  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:51:24


1.Wolf Is the New The1:33
2.Panty Party Handcramp2:27
3.Crystal Compass3:51
4.Shame on You Scabs1:59
5.Designer Drugs2:32
6.Eenie Meanie1:46
7.Dialtone (Shoreditch Vampire)1:50
8.Dead DIY Die1:10
9.Monday Tuesday WTF2:04
10.Ferrets Buellers Day Off2:15
11.Pair of Dice2:22
12.Unusual Dorsal Features6:43
13.Birthday! Birthday! (B-Side)1:47
14.Black Cloud1:46
15.Drunk Lip2:06
16.Pair of Dice (demo)2:29
17.Six Sick Suck2:27
18.Avril Kadaver1:47
19.Siamese Disease2:42
20.Running for the Razors2:28
22.Angel Lust4:09
23.Horses in Heaven3:14
24.Sestri Levante2:46
25.Puke Rawk3:27
26.Cherry Lava3:22
27.Love Lice1:17
28.Don't Forget17:43
29.Lush (B-Side)3:10
30.Meeting People Is Terrible (B-Side)2:54
31.Avril Kadaver (demo)1:55
32.Angel Lust (demo)3:14
33.Siamese Disease (demo)2:49
34.MPIT Crappy Laptop Kevvy Writing Demos9:28

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