Doomed & Stoned in Detroit mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doomed & Stoned in Detroitby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:11


1.Cloak & Bonesby Bison Machine5:55
2.Runnin' the Undertowby The Lucid Furs4:37
3.Ulyssesby BoneHawk3:19
4.Moving Onby Lavamoth3:51
5.Maidenby WICCANS5:42
6.Weapon of Heavenby The Jackpine Snag2:43
7.Void Walkerby Red Stone Souls4:34
8.Bubak's Revengeby Bubak7:20
9.Bog of Kildareby Cruthu5:42
10.Never Forgaveby Electric Huldra6:22
11.Winds of Neptuneby Bert4:22
12.The Wizard in the Bogby Bog Wizard5:09
13.Bizarrian Ridersby The Swill6:47
14.Conqueror Wormby Seritas3:26
15.Walpurgisnachtby Coven 136:25
16.Damnationby Bonglord5:40
17.The Fall: Sad Magicby White Magician7:06
18.Bathsebaby Temple of the Fuzz Witch5:44
19.Super Voidby Rip Van Ripper3:57
20.Babylonian Bitch Slapby WitchFist5:29
21.Demonsby 1000 Yard Stare5:16
22.Deceiver in the Shadowsby Temple of Void6:44
23.Black Skyby Iron Mountain7:08
24.Hunted Becomes Hunterby Voyag3r4:10
25.Dong Song (My Glass Dick)by Failed3:46
26.Swords Out for Cromby Wizard Union4:57