Doomed & Stoned in Texas mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doomed & Stoned in Texasby Various Artists

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:37:24


1.Ain't Trying To Denyby Amplified Heat5:03
2.Smoke Drugsby ASS3:10
3.Astrayby Astral Blue7:53
4.Mountains Highby Black On High10:45
5.Hell On Its Kneesby Blood of the Sun4:42
6.Casimirby Blues Funeral6:50
7.Gabrielby Bone Wizard3:55
8.Wicked Sunby Bridge Farmers6:05
9.Ritual of the Funeral Moonby Crimson Void9:45
10.Ojo Maloby Brother Strange3:39
11.Trance Sylvaniaby Cosmic Eve7:13
12.Natural Childby Crypt Trip6:47
13.The Guardianby Cursus7:11
14.HorseCoreby Dead Horse3:10
15.Prisoner of Eternityby Destroyer of Light6:30
16.Way of the Mountainby Doomstress5:56
17.Heart of the Sunby DUEL4:46
18.Fifth Risingby Eagle Claw3:23
19.Bone Chomper (and the Demons of Doom)by Fiddle Witch7:40
20.Force Fedby Force Fed2:46
21.Sacrificeby Funeral Horse4:32
22.Broken Glassby God Fearing Fuck4:12
23.Young Concussionby Greenbeard3:39
24.Radianceby Gypsy Sun Revival7:47
25.Grassman (and the Whirls)by Jody Seabody9:07
26.Serial Killerby KRVSHR7:11
27.Goodbyeby Ladykiller3:06
28.Human Formby Las Cruces5:05
29.C is for Cthulhuby Linus Pauling Quartet5:47
30.The League for Spiritual Discovery Livesby Liquid Sound Company8:01
31.Rivers to Ruinby Mala Suerte4:07
32.The End Of Beginningby Monte Luna6:58
33.High Strangenessby Mothership5:42
34.Telepathic Butterfliesby Mr. Plow4:43
35.Odometerby Odormeter3:34
36.Oracleby Orcanaut7:29
37.Father Timeby Over The Top5:12
38.Damn Brokeby Panic Volcanic4:21
39.Tides of Doomby Project Armageddon8:22
40.100% Pureby PuraPharm7:08
41.Machine Menby Pyreship6:58
42.Aliveby Red Beard Wall4:31
43.Sharp Edge of the Earthby Sabbath Assembly6:05
44.Ephaniahby Sanctus Bellum8:10
45.Surrenderby Scrollkeeper4:36
46.Mirror of Sorrow (demo version)by Solitude Aeternus7:36
47.Incoherentby Stone Machine Electric7:20
48.Howlby Supergrave4:04
49.Tramplifierby Sweat Lodge3:40
50.Salt Water Harveyby Switchblade Jesus3:56
51.Steamrollerby Texas Massacre1:59
52.American Zombieby The Dirty Seeds9:17
53.Bramblesby The Well5:08
54.Black Mambaby Vanilla Whale4:48
55.Blood For Bloodby Venomous Maximus5:51
56.The Professionalby Wail Bone3:47
57.Stone Cold Killerby WARLUNG3:30
58.Whore Crusherby Widower3:38
59.Cry Witchby Witchcryer4:20
60.Riffbornby Wo Fat4:58