Dopamin Compiled, Volume One mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dopamin Compiled, Volume Oneby Various Artists

  • 35 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:38:14


Disk #1

1.In Your Eyes (Remix By Lohan & Lomax)by Sero.Overdose6:25
2.Pure Love (Pleasurezone Mix)by Kartagon4:38
3.Now Or Never (Dopamin Remix By Vasi Vallis)by NamNamBulu6:53
4.Be My Prideby ReActivate4:05
5.Ways Of Tears (Dance Version)by Menichal Servants4:01
6.Dirt Breeds Diseaseby Perls of Dew4:32
7.Merging Oceansby Rotersand5:05
8.Freemind 2003by Dark Empire4:34
9.Cycle Of Timeby Phraze4:20
10.Waste My Time (Epic Mix)by Pleasures Remain4:36
11.J (Dopamin Mix)by Head-Less4:51
12.Let's Fly Tonight (Remember Farout Mix)by F.O.D.4:47
13.Angels (Infernosounds Remix)by Say-Y4:43
14.Plese Disco-nnect Me (Vocal Up Mix By Cyclone B)by Forgotten Sunrise4:04
15.Monumentby Re-Set4:34
16.Virtual Reality (Extended By Infernosounds)by Exilanation4:24
17.Reflection (Outro)by Impuls2:04

Disk #2

1.Reflection (Intro)by Impuls2:39
2.Game Overby Say-Y3:07
3.Einsamkeit (Observe And Control Remix)by Sero.Overdose5:16
4.She Says (Verbose Remix By Assemblage 23)by XP86:01
5.Viruzby Heavy-Current4:01
6.Highs And Lows (Fireball Re-Edit)by Splendid Isolation4:12
7.Icarusby Allergy4:14
8.Nation Of Warby Enemy Nation3:59
9.Hast Du Angstby Burntime4:30
10.You Never Take Awayby Cyclone B7:01
11.Loserby Twin Machine5:57
12.Maschinenstaat (Galeeren Mix)by Metallspürhunde5:01
13.Mercury 7by E.O.M.4:20
14.Introspective (Dopamin Edit)by Observe & Controll4:36
15.Fly With Meby Infernosounds3:30
16.Jawby Kehrwert3:57
17.One Chanceby Adrenalin3:21
18.Don't Look Backby Floating Point3:56