Dopamin Compiled, Volume Two mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dopamin Compiled, Volume Twoby Various Artists

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:19


1.Lies (Remix By Ian Ross Of Flesh Field)by Plastic5:05
2.No Atmosphere (Single Edit)by Syrian4:37
3.In Love With Night (Vox Celesta Remix)by Lights of Euphoria3:56
4.From Life Nothing I Receive (Dopamin Mix)by Individualdistanz5:49
5.Deine Augenby Schattenschlag4:06
6.Geistby Fight the Cause4:51
7.Rain (Reconstruction Final Mix)by Pur Nature4:01
8.Losing My Mindby Defective4:07
9.Electroheart (EBM Radio Granaten Mix)by T.A.N.K.3:53
10.World Wide Web (Bodytrance Mix By Massiv In Mensch)by Rector Scanner4:09
11.Itch Of Life (Dopamin Rmx)by Victim in Vain5:14
12.Clear (Dopamin Mix)by Minerve4:48
13.Destiny (Remix)by Absorber3:59
14.My World (Chinese Theatre Mix)by Colony 53:36
15.The World Is Cold Enough (Small World Edit)by F.A.Q.3:53
16.Live Your Life (Rebirth)by Lavantgarde3:57
17.Friends Like Meby L'Image3:27
18.My Sweet Novemberby Agonised by Love4:51