Dream Dance Vol. 05 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dream Dance Vol. 05by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:50


Disk #1

1.Free (Video Mix)by Dj Quicksilver3:26
2.X-Ray (Follow Me) (Vocal Version Video Edit)by Space Frog3:42
3.Sonic Empire (Short Mix)by Members Of Mayday3:56
4.Magic Eyes (Extended Club Mix)by Vertigo5:39
5.Lift Me Up (Radio Version)by Red 53:52
6.Cafe Del Mar (Three 'N' One Radio Mix)by Energy 523:50
7.Just Come Back 2 Me (Radio Edit)by Hypertrophy3:02
8.Sin City (Short Mix)by Three 'N One4:06
9.Footprint ('97 Revamp Edit)by Disco Citizens4:43
10.Rhythm Is A Dancer (Radio Mix)by Max Deejay4:01
11.Berlin (Last Station Mix)by Marc Clement3:41
12.Forbidden Fruit (East Of Eden Radio Mix)by Paul Van Dyk3:50
13.Phantasize (Radio Edit)by Love Boots3:56
14.The Opera (Radio Mix)by Central Seven3:49
15.Dominating (Single Mix)by C-Mania3:36
16.Rock The Bells (Sash! Remix)by Kadoc4:14
17.Nowhere To Run (Extended Mix)by Chiara4:30
18.Teardrops From Heavenby Zhi-Vago3:41
19.In My Dreamsby Robert Miles5:46

Disk #2

1.Get Ready To Bounce (Radio Attack)by Brooklyn Bounce3:34
2.I Wanna Make You...by Sequential One3:32
3.Piece Of Mine (Radio Version)by Dj The Crow3:30
4.It'S My Lifeby Sash!4:30
5.Illusionby Future Breeze5:05
6.I Pull My Gun Twiceby Jam & Spoon5:20
7.Atlantis (Phase Iii Edit)by Dj Taucher4:57
8.Love Is Leaving (Back Teeth Edit)by Boy George4:17
9.We Have A Problem (Original Version)by Space Shuttle4:46
10.La (Dream Dance Edit)by Marc Et Claude3:44
11.It'S A Dream (Radio Version)by Groove Club3:36
12.Flexx-Ible (Rub-A-Club Mix)by Toss & Turn3:33
13.Wake Up! (Ventura Remix)by Interactive5:42
14.Everyone (Magic Club Mix)by Karma4:59
15.The New Age (Trance Mix Edit)by Bruno Sanchioni4:27
16.D. Trance (The Single)by Gary D. & Dj High-Ko3:59
17.Reverence (Monster Mix)by Faithless8:59

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