Dream Dance Vol. 07 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dream Dance Vol. 07by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:50


Disk #1

1.Planet Love (Video Mix)by Dj Quicksilver3:35
2.Desire (Age Of Club)by Bbe6:26
3.Tonight (In My House) (Melodic Short Cut)by De La Cruz3:48
4.Return Of Power (Clubmix - Dee Jay Sören Vs. Dj Darling)by Tank3:58
5.Hard Times (Short Cut)by Westbam3:47
6.Planet Violet (Radio Edit)by Nalin I.N.C.4:03
7.Your Own Reality (Energy Mix Edit)by Kai Tracid4:40
8.Pearl Riverby Three 'N One Pres. Johnny Shaker3:44
9.Free Me (Short Cut)by Mr. X & Mr. Y3:24
10.The Wave (Radio Edit)by Sosa3:58
11.For Love (Radio Mix)by Adrima3:46
12.Dream'S Harmony (Kosmonova Radio Edit)by Dj Kalpa & Marino Stephano3:46
13.Like This (Radio Mix)by Kay Cee3:06
14.Man On Mars (Video Cut)by Komakino3:07
15.Bip Bip Bop (Radio Edit)by Paralyzer3:30
16.Divaby T.O.3:49
17.The God Of House (Video Mix)by Central Seven3:22
18.Alarma!by 6663:28
19.Eisbärby Polar Pop4:56
20.Try It! (Anspieltip)by Superstring1:36

Disk #2

1.Instant Moments (Radio Edit)by R.O.O.S.3:40
2.Sunchyme (Radio Edit)by Dario G.3:55
3.Australia (Radio Version)by Koala3:48
4.Take Me Away (Short Version)by Kosmonova3:38
5.Stay (Single Edit)by Sash! Feat. La Trec3:31
6.Power Of American Natives 98 (Dj Quicksilver Radio Cut)by Dance 2 Trance3:30
7.Pain (Radio Vocal Mix)by K.Capone3:42
8.The Flow (Deep) (Underwater Radio Edit)by Dolphin'S Mind3:53
9.Welcome To The Club (Sequential One Radio Mix)by Dj Phantasma3:36
10.How Much Can You Take (Single Edit)by Future Breeze3:43
11.Mind (Mind Radio)by Tomcraft3:37
12.Together (Radio Mix)by Talla Vs. Taucher3:51
13.No Fate (No Fate Edit)by Zyon4:10
14.It'S A New Day (Radio Mix)by Viper4:02
15.Back To The Jungle (Radio Edit)by Jungle Kids4:00
16.The Real Bass (Dj Quicksilver Remix)by Brooklyn Bounce4:34
17.Fantasy (Radio Cut)by Silencer3:07
18.Nightwalk (Original Radio Cut)by Vector Mode3:32
19.Rock Da Beat (Radio Edit)by Electric Fruit Orchestra3:37
20.Close Your Eyesby Dj Nervous3:35

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