Dream Dance Vol. 18 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dream Dance Vol. 18by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:14


Disk #1

1.Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix Edit)by Chicane4:56
2.Discover The World (Dedonatis Short Cut)by Kosmonova3:14
3.Silence (Airscape Remix Edit)by Delerium3:49
4.The Fields Of Love (Airplay Mix)by Atb Feat. York3:44
5.Techno Harmony (My Love) (On Air Mix)by Mario Piu3:12
6.Clubbiemus (Radio Edit)by Marc Van Linden4:00
7.See The Day (Airplay Mix)by Hypetraxx2:58
8.Breathin' My Breath (Sonorous Radio)by Flamingo Brothers3:13
9.The Dragon (Fridge Mix Edit)by Dragon3:26
10.Free (Short Cut)by Ultra3:37
11.Sky (Conductor And Cowboy Remix)by Sonique8:11
12.Daylight (Shortcut)by Plastic Angel4:18
13.Windschatten (Short Cut)by Riddler & Headcrusher3:38
14.Phuture 2000 (Oliver Lieb Main Mix Edit)by Carl Cox5:02
15.Dreamland (Single Edit)by Undee4:13
16.Nothing Serious (Fridge Remix Single Edit)by Planet E Team4:05
17.Into The Inner Space (Trance Radio Edit)by !Attention!3:34
18.Till Tears Do Us Part (Vocal Club Mix Part 1 Edit)by Heaven's Cry3:25
19.Sundown (When I'M Thinking Of You) (Non Vocal Radio Edit)by Nostrum & Frank Kunne3:35
20.Smile (Club Radio Edit)by Future Breeze3:16

Disk #2

1.Face To Face (Piano Outtake)by Paul Van Dyk3:45
2.Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Rank 1 Radio Edit)by Baby D.3:48
3.Trancefiguration (Short Cut)by Green Court3:31
4.It'S My Turnby Angelic3:01
5.I Can Hear Voices (Radio Edit)by Hi-Gate3:18
6.The Sound Of Nature Part Ii (Short Club Edit)by Mario Lopez3:41
7.Bass, Beats & Melody (Pulsedriver Remix)by Brooklyn Bounce6:11
8.Sandstorm (Talla'S Super Club MixEdit)by Darude5:36
9.Weltklang (Club Mix Edit)by Marco Zaffarano3:40
10.Big Bass Bomb (Flex Dubb Mix Edit)by Klubbheads4:02
11.Silence (Radio Edit)by Tomcraft4:00
12.The Dolphin (Picotto Mix)by Dj Gee5:31
13.Bright Sign (Radio Mix)by Traveller3:58
14.Spirit Of Virtuality (Short Edit)by Webdrivers3:41
15.Paradize (Short Cut)by Kayla3:27
16.The Challenge (Single Cut)by Lepore Vs. Angy Dee3:07
17.Strinx Of Life (Radio Mix)by Legend B3:32
18.On A Helium Trip (Radio Remix)by Shaun Baker3:41
19.Strings Of Infinity (Pulsedriver Single Edit)by Topmodelz3:47
20.Nation Of Love (Anspieltip)by Dolphin'S Mind1:31

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