DreamSongs, Etc. mp3 Album by Bill and the Belles

DreamSongs, Etc.by Bill and the Belles

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 36:05


1.Hum Your Troubles Away2:52
2.Lonesome Blues2:40
3.Finger Pointin' Mama2:25
4.Carolina Sunshine Girl3:29
5.Wedding Bell Chimes2:34
6.End of My Rainbow2:19
7.When You Wore a Tulip2:55
8.Moonlight Shadows and You2:39
9.Oh Johnny Oh3:26
10.Good Gal I'll be Okay2:35
11.Preacher and the Bear2:27
12.Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues3:06
13.Back to My Childhood2:38