Driving Towards The Daylight mp3 Album by Joe Bonamassa

Driving Towards The Daylightby Joe Bonamassa

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:30


1.Dislocated Boy6:39
2.Stones in My Passway3:58
3.Driving Towards the Daylight4:50
4.Who's Been Talking?3:28
5.I Got All You Need3:04
6.A Place in My Heart6:48
7.Lonely Town Lonely Street7:08
8.Heavenly Soul5:55
9.New Coat of Paint4:06
10.Somewhere Trouble Don't Go4:59
11.Too Much Ain't Enough Love5:35
Jeff E
This CD is straight blues with a ballad or two thrown in. Bonamassa can play the hell out of the six string and the voice to match. Besides Warren Haynes he is one of the hardest working guitar slingers out there. The CD kicks off of up tempo blues tunes "Dislocated Boy & (Robert Johnson Cover) Stones In My Passway". The title track is a Bonamassa original ballad with a powerhouse chorus. The next two songs are covers of blues giants Howlin Wolf and Willie Dixon "Who's Been Talking & I Got All You Need". Next comes the very soulful "A Place In My Heart" he then does a cool cover of Bill Wither's "Lonely Town Lonely Street". Then comes another excellent cover of Tom Waits "New Coat Of Paint" which has alot more guitar then the original. The CD ends with 2 Bonamassa original tunes. Overall, A awesome collection of songs. Great guitar work and vocals. Highly Recommended.