EBM Club Classics mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

EBM Club Classicsby Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:49


Disk #1

1.The Bog (Techno Duck mix)by Bigod 205:16
2.Japanese Bodiesby Leæther Strip4:39
3.Metalhammerby And One5:25
4.Der Neue Gottby Oomph!4:41
5.Fuck the Armyby Spartak4:17
6.Proximity Switch (Accidents in Paradise)by Informatics5:13
7.Eclipse V4by Kirlian Camera6:34
8.The New Forceby Vomito Negro4:01
9.Join the Lineby Scapa Flow3:15
10.Dance or Dieby Dance or Die4:07
11.Underpassby The Psychic Force3:47
12.Stalker (Club version)by Covenant4:59
13.Silent Orderby Die Form5:14
14.Suicide Commandoby No More3:22
15.Massakerby Tommi Stumpff2:45

Disk #2

1.Getting Closerby Nitzer Ebb4:14
2.Push!by The Invincible Spirit7:06
3.Thresholdby Front Line Assembly5:15
4.Moving Handsby Klinik3:55
5.Motordeadby Cat Rapes Dog4:18
6.Never Trust a Klingon (A version)by S.P.O.C.K4:25
7.The Crawlerby Psyche2:20
8.San Diego (The Tragical)by The Eternal Afflict6:35
9.Betrayal (12" mix)by Pouppée Fabrikk4:06
10.Come Pjutr Syntax Errorby Poésie Noire4:15
11.Klaustrophobiaby Inside Treatment4:12
12.Let Your Body Die (original mix)by Cyber-Tec Project4:56
13.Beischlaf mit 60kg Hackfleischby Cancer Barrack5:05
14.Tortureby Beborn Beton4:53
15.See You in Hell!by Suicide Commando3:39