Electric Guitars In Their Hearts: The Best Of The Chesterfields mp3 Artist Compilation by The Chesterfields

Electric Guitars In Their Hearts: The Best Of The Chesterfieldsby The Chesterfields

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:35


1.Shame About the Rain2:45
2.Completely and Utterly2:04
3.Ask Johnny Dee2:58
4.Sweet Revenge3:14
5.Best of Friends2:55
6.Two Girls and a Treehouse1:51
7.Nose Out of Joint2:39
8.Love Mountain2:39
9.Oh Mr Wilson1:47
10.What's Your Perversion2:31
11.Pop Anarchy1:57
12.Sob Sob Story1:50
13.Everything a Boy Could Ever Need2:25
14.Goodbye Goodbye2:42
15.Last Train to Yeovil3:19
16.Let It Go2:29
17.Lunchtime for the Wild Youth2:47
18.Alison Wait2:10
20.Male Bimbo1:32
21.Fool Is a Man3:02
22.Down by the Wishing Pool3:33
23.Glad for You2:56
24.Fountain of Youth3:18
25.Hangover Eve3:23
26.Something Happening3:40
27.The Berlin Walk3:59