Electric Ladyland: Clickhop Version 1.0 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Electric Ladyland: Clickhop Version 1.0by Various Artists

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:04:14


Disk #1

1.The Return of Us (edit)by AGF/Delay4:02
2.Mr. Blister Is Connected to My Fingersby Safety Scissors4:24
3.As a Child I Could Fly Without Wingsby MRI34:05
4.Rogueby Monophace6:01
5.Chin-Chin Stroakerby Captain Comatose4:50
6.Infra-Red (Danse of the Dead, Part 2)by Spectre4:42
7.Soma 1128by High Priest4:21
8.Hastjobbby Andreas Tilliander4:36
9.Data-Partyby Jetone4:00
10.Five-11-Westby Graphit.E4:02
11.Dax att sticka utby Deltidseskapism7:36
12.Out 1by Log3:40
13._fullclipby Open Source4:43
14.Little Hop of Horrorby Akufen5:38

Disk #2

1.M 06 Shortby Alva Noto3:18
2.R U in It (Circuit Burners remix) (vs. Dälek)by kid6064:55
3.Don't Followby Sophie Rimheden4:33
4.Hydrocrackingby The Rip-Off Artist4:42
5.Runkelrübe Blauby Beige3:11
6.Holtby Frank Bretschneider4:49
7.All That Pretty Phorsesby Auch3:56
8.Another Forensic Charade (feat. Yasunao Tone)by DJ Spooky4:39
9.Super-Mercato-Digitsby Kerosene4:19
10.Rubbercementby Errorsmith3:20
11.Press Onby I-Sound3:17
12.Step Backby Dynamic Syncopation3:49
13.Ghost Breaksby M Singe5:02
14.Fabulous (feat. Chief)by m23:44