Electronic Empire (25 Masterpieces), Vol. 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Electronic Empire (25 Masterpieces), Vol. 1by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:10:35


1.Melodia (Original Mix)by Weber & Weber5:38
2.Liv's Song (Pt. 1) (Original Mix)by Steen Thottrup1:36
3.Salt Water (Original Mix)by Marc Hartman4:39
4.Open Spaces (Original Mix)by Circles Of Sound6:35
5.Dream (Original Mix)by Weathertunes4:05
6.Alaska (Original Mix)by Five Seasons4:46
7.I Walked the Ocean (Original Mix)by CaPa3:47
8.Back to the Source (Original Mix)by Bahramji & Beach Messiah7:41
9.Another Day, Another Island (Original Mix)by Atlantique7:06
10.Illusions (Original Mix)by Jane Maximova7:08
11.Homecoming (Original Mix)by Catpilot3:00
12.Planet Drone (Original Mix)by Mirage Of Deep4:48
13.Origines (Original Mix)by Eskadet5:48
14.Ego Is a Liar (Original Mix)by Patholics4:36
15.Misurazioni (Original Mix)by Corrado Saija8:59
16.Osiris (Original Mix)by The Boogeyman6:36
17.Billboards (Original Mix)by Spoq3:16
18.Moving Sky (Original Mix)by Peter Pearson3:24
19.Pure Relaxation (Original Mix)by Sami Sivananda4:20
20.Mon Calumet (Original Mix)by Keyzero 14:23
21.Lullaby (Original Mix)by Jazzamor5:26
22.Please Hold On (Original Mix)by Lo Tide3:18
23.Fosfor 25 (Ambient Mix)by Klod Rights6:54
24.Tales from a Chambermaid (Ciano Breakbeat Mix)by ShirleySaid8:56
25.El Garoé (Original Mix)by Harrison & Daicz3:50