Embrace The Silence mp3 Album by Cold Therapy

Embrace The Silenceby Cold Therapy

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:40


1.Betrayal (feat. Nano Infect)4:33
2.Embrace The Silence4:14
3.Holy Spirit Denied (feat. Viscera Drip)4:56
4.World Of Crows4:10
5.Nie Rezygnuj Z Marzeń3:29
6.Hello, I'm Death4:34
7.The Damned Soul4:17
8.Closer Into Deep3:34
9.Why Do We Fall3:45
10.Third Realm (feat. 13th Angel)5:08
11.Lost Your Way3:43
12.Lost Your Way (Die Braut Remix)5:16
13.Lost Your Way (Wynardtage Remix)3:31
14.Lost Your Way (Remix By La Magra)4:01
15.The Damned Soul (Redesigned By Hexis)4:29