Embryonic Anomaly (Remake) mp3 Album by Rings Of Saturn

Embryonic Anomaly (Remake)by Rings Of Saturn

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:42


1.Invasion Remake4:08
2.Seized and Devoured Remake4:05
3.Abducted Remake4:09
4.Final Abhorrent Dream Remake5:03
5.Corpses Thrown Across the Sky Remake4:05
6.Embryonic Anomaly Remake3:26
7.Annihilating the Pure Remake4:57
8.Grinding of Internal Organs Remake4:30
9.End of Humanity Remake0:58
10.Invasion Remake (Instrumental)4:08
11.Seized and Devoured Remake (Instrumental)4:05
12.Abducted Remake (Instrumental)4:09
13.Final Abhorrent Dream Remake (Instrumental)5:03
14.Corpses Thrown Across the Sky Remake (Instrumental)4:05
15.Embryonic Anomaly Remake (Instrumental)3:26
16.Annihilating the Pure Remake (Instrumental)4:57
17.Grinding of Internal Organs Remake (Instrumental)4:30
18.End of Humanity Remake (Instrumental)0:58