Epic & Massive, Vol.5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Epic & Massive, Vol.5by Various Artists

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:46:15


1.Freedom (original mix)by Soundlift10:48
2.Tequila Sunrise (Andy Duguid remix)by Curtis Young6:48
3.Exosphere (Darren Porter remix)by Nymark & Dryden7:34
4.Sorry (Ehsun dub) (and Robert Vadney)by David Petras7:04
5.Rising (original Cinematic mix) (and Marc van Gale)by ASKII8:03
6.Secrets (original mix)by Ciro Visone8:02
7.Scar (original mix)by Dreamy8:09
8.Lost & Not Found (Manuel Rocca remix)by Der Mystik7:00
9.Solstice (Etasonic remix)by Stevey Forello8:59
10.Tear From The Stars (Jeff & Dale's Dark Force remix) (and Kayan Code)by Juha V8:56
11.Wonderland (original mix)by Bluskay8:15
12.Maro (original mix)by Six Senses8:16
13.Air (Vlad Captivity remix)by Nic Toms7:13
14.Egyptian Euphoria (original mix) (and Alter Future)by Alex Ender7:22
15.Imperator (French Skies remix)by The Mozati8:33
16.Lithium (original Trance mix) (and Shyprince)by Blue Horizon8:49
17.Amphora (Jimmy Chou remix)by Dreamy8:02
18.SAS (Sebastian Relius remix)by G-Lati5:29
19.Volga (original mix)by Sava7:36
20.Shaking The Heavens (original mix)by Scorpius5:58
21.Afterlife (original mix)by New World9:19