Eternal Beauty mp3 Album by Velvet Dreamer

Eternal Beautyby Velvet Dreamer

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:40


1.Eternal Beauty (feat. Tim Gelo)5:08
2.Sky Is Falling (feat. Diana Moon & Tim Gelo)4:50
3.Solveig's Song (feat. Olga Caspruk & Tim Gelo)5:00
4.Frozen (feat. Aries Aquarius)5:32
5.Time Together (feat. Tim Gelo)5:05
6.Lettres d'amour (feat. Isa Devise & Tim Gelo)5:42
7.Night Raindrops5:01
8.Your Game My Love (feat. Diana Jasilionyte & Tim Gelo)4:25
9.City of Pleasures5:18
10.Midnight Lilies (feat. Tim Gelo)6:03
11.Desert Road5:09
12.The Fall (feat. Tim Gelo)5:19
13.White Wine of the Moon (feat. Tim Gelo)5:29
14.Crystal Water5:02
15.Forgotten Places (feat. Michael Buk)5:37