Eurobeat Kudos 12 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Eurobeat Kudos 12by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:32:38


1.Number One (Extended)by Fastway5:13
2.Dynamite (Extended)by Ace5:15
3.Rocket Man (Extended)by Fastway4:30
4.Hey You! (Extended)by Lucya4:48
5.Kiss Me Tonight (Extended)by Lucya4:25
6.To Be Your Angel (Extended)by Christine5:07
7.Top of the World (Extended)by Kika4:47
8.Stop Lookin' Back (Extended)by Nick Mansell4:37
9.Solid Gold (Extended)by Dusty5:10
10.Spirit of the Night (Extended)by Nick Mansell4:12
11.TV Hero (Extended)by Ace4:08
12.Till the End of Time (Extended)by Christine4:02
13.Snakedance (Extended)by Kiki & Kika4:20
14.I Wanna Play Guitar (Extended) (feat. Goofy DJ)by Kiki & Fancy4:10
15.Open Your Eyes (Extended)by Ace4:31
16.History (Extended)by Lucya4:48
17.All the Love Inside (Extended)by Lucya4:44
18.Formula 1 (Extended)by Fastway4:21
19.Don't Go (Extended)by Ace4:40
20.Big Brother (Extended)by Fastway4:50