Eurobeat Kudos 17 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Eurobeat Kudos 17by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:44:12


1.777 (Extended Version)by Fastway5:33
2.Survivor (Extended Version)by Damon5:29
3.Make or Brake (Extended Version)by Fastway5:34
4.Funky Funlover (Extended Version)by GO25:16
5.We Are Magic (Extended Version)by Ace5:11
6.Wonderful Feelin' (Extended Version)by Lisa Lion5:45
7.My Wish (Extended Version)by Melissa White5:55
8.My World (Extended Version)by Pamsy5:25
9.Feeling (Extended Version)by Melissa White4:41
10.Wings into the Sky (Extended Version)by Christine6:32
11.Prisoner of My Dreams (Extended Version)by Pamsy5:12
12.Just Can't Get Enough (Extended Version)by Van T.K.5:46
13.Fuku Wa Uchi (Extended Version)by Domino5:03
14.Ice Scream (You Scream) (Extended Version)by Scream Team5:19
15.That's Amore (Extended Version)by Kiki & Fancy4:00
16.Money Go Round (Extended Version)by Fastway4:26
17.I Wanna Take a Chance (Extended Version)by Dusty3:56
18.Freedon Wild (Extended Version)by Nick Mansell4:13
19.Raisin' Hell (Extended Version)by Fastway5:31
20.2 Love 4 Love (Extended Version) (and Pamsy)by Ace5:25