Eurobeat Kudos 22 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Eurobeat Kudos 22by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:36:58


1.Crazy on Emotion (Extended Version)by Ace4:02
2.Send Me an Angel (Extended Version)by Momo5:24
3.Emotional Child (Extended Version)by Pamsy4:42
4.Nrgby GO24:15
5.Crash Boom Burn Me Up (Extended Version)by Fastway5:03
6.In the Fire of Victory (Extended Version)by Ace4:58
7.Nothing About Me Baby (Extended Version)by Irene4:44
8.Dance Dance (Extended Version)by Kiki & Fancy4:37
9.Hanky Panky (Extended Version)by Bubbles4:14
10.Pararappa Dance (Extended Version)by Kiki & Fancy5:00
11.Summer Ski (Extended Version)by Christine5:06
12.Hanami (Extended Version)by April4:48
13.I Love My Dog (Extended Version)by Vivi4:49
14.Summer Ski (Whitesnow Version)by Christine3:58
15.Imagine (Extended Version)by Jay Lehr5:27
16.Now Celebrate (Extended Version) (and Christine)by Van T.K.5:33
17.Love Is a Pretender (Extended Version)by Pamsy4:44
18.Overdrive (Extended Version)by Fastway5:13
19.Spitfireby GO25:15
20.The Lovebite (Extended Version)by Dusty5:06