Eurobeat Kudos 9 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Eurobeat Kudos 9by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:32:45


1.Burning up All Night (Extended)by Rocky5:32
2.Go Get Ready! (Extended)by Dave MC Loud5:29
3.Gotta Be My Babe (Extended)by Doctor Stranger4:16
4.I Wanna Be Your Babe (Extended)by Lucya5:00
5.Into the Light (Extended)by Christine5:05
6.It's a Beautiful Life (Extended)by Christine5:12
7.Go Go to Heaven (Extended)by Kiki & Kika4:54
8.All for Love (Extended)by Kiki & Kika5:13
9.Forever (Extended)by Lucya5:14
10.Be One (Extended)by Tiger Shark4:27
11.I Can't Live Without You (Extended)by Rocky5:29
12.Call Me (Extended)by Messalina5:37
13.Because the Night (Extended)by Christine4:59
14.Back into My Arms (Extended)by Christine5:06
15.Big Bang in Tokyo (Extended)by Doctor Stranger5:34
16.Baby's on Fire (Extended)by David Lord5:12
17.All for Love (Kudos Version)by Kiki & Kika2:37
18.Back into My Arms (Kudos Version)by Christine2:35
19.I Wanna Be Your Babe (Kudos Version)by Lucya2:36
20.Baby's on Fire (Kudos Version)by David Lord2:38