Eurovision Song Contest: Düsseldorf 2011 (Karaoke Versions) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Eurovision Song Contest: Düsseldorf 2011 (Karaoke Versions)by Various Artists

  • 43 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:09:57


Disk #1

1.Feel The Passion (Instrumental Version)by Aurela Gaçe3:01
2.Boom-Boom (Instrumental Version)by Emmy2:59
3.The Secret Is Love (Instrumental Version)by Nadine Beiler3:08
4.Running Scared (Instrumental Version)by Ell & Nikki3:01
5.Love In Rewind (Instrumental Version)by Dino Merlin2:57
6.With Love Baby (Instrumental Version)by Witloof Bay2:59
7.Na Inat (Instrumental Version)by Poli Genova3:02
8.I Love Belarus (Instrumental Version)by Anastasiya Vinnikova3:02
9.In Love For A While (Instrumental Version)by Anna Rossinelli2:48
10.San Angelos S'agapisa (Instrumental Version)by Christos Mylordos2:59
11.Taken By A Stranger (Instrumental Version)by Lena3:02
12.New Tomorrow (Instrumental Version)by A Friend In London3:03
13.Rockefeller Street (Instrumental Version)by Getter Jaani3:03
14.Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao (Instrumental Version)by Lucía Pérez2:55
15.Da Da Dam (Instrumental Version)by Paradise Oskar3:02
16.Sognu (Instrumental Version)by Amaury Vassili2:53
17.I Can (Instrumental Version)by Blue3:01
18.One More Day (Instrumental Version)by Eldrine2:55
19.Watch My Dance (Instrumental Version)by Loucas Yiorkas Feat. Stereo Mike3:02
20.Celebrate (Instrumental Version)by Daria3:01
21.What About My Dreams? (Instrumental Version)by Kati Wolf3:01

Disk #2

1.Lipstick (Instrumental Version)by Jedward3:53
2.Ding Dong (Instrumental Version)by Dana International2:46
3.Coming Home (Instrumental Version)by Sjonni's Friends3:03
4.Madness Of Love (Instrumental Version)by Raphael Gualazzi3:01
5.C'est Ma VIe (Instrumental Version)by Evelina Sašenko3:05
6.Angel In Disguise (Instrumental Version)by Musiqq3:02
7.So Lucky (Instrumental Version)by Zdob Si Zdub3:08
8.Rusinka (Instrumental Version)by Vlatko Ilievski2:56
9.One Life (Instrumental Version)by Glen Vella3:01
10.Never Alone (Instrumental Version)by 3Js3:00
11.Haba Haba (Instrumental Version)by Stella Mwangi3:00
12.Jestem (Instrumental Version)by Magdalena Tul3:02
13.A Luta É Alegria (Instrumental Version)by Homens Da Luta2:53
14.Change (Instrumental Version)by Hotel Fm3:04
15.Čaroban (Instrumental Version)by Nina3:02
16.Get You (Instrumental Version)by Alexej Vorobjov3:02
17.Popular (Instrumental Version)by Eric Saade3:00
18.No One (Instrumental Version)by Maja Keuc3:01
19.I Am Still Alive (Instrumental Version)by Twiins3:05
20.Stand By (Instrumental Version)by Senit3:03
21.Live It Up (Instrumental Version)by Yuksek Sadakat2:59
22.Angel (Instrumental Version)by Mika Newton2:57