Eurovision Song Contest: Malmö 2024 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Eurovision Song Contest: Malmö 2024by Various Artists

  • 37 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:49:28


1.TITAN (Albania)by Besa2:57
2.Jako (Armenia)by Ladaniva2:25
3.One Milkali (One Blood) (Australia)by Electric Fields2:57
4.We Will Rave (Austria)by Kaleen3:05
5.Özünlə Apar (Azerbaijan) (feat. Ilkin Dovlatov)by Fahree3:02
6.Before the Party’s Over (Belgium)by Mustii3:00
7.Rim Tim Tagi Dim (Croatia)by Baby Lasagna2:59
8.Liar (Cyprus)by Silia Kapsis2:59
9.Pedestal (Czechia)by Aiko2:57
10.SAND (Denmark)by Saba3:01
11.(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi (Estonia)by 5MIINUST & Puuluup2:47
12.No Rules! (Finland)by Windows95Man2:56
13.Mon amour (France)by Slimane3:01
14.Firefighter (Georgia)by Nutsa3:04
15.Always on the Run (ESC version) (Germany)by Isaak3:30
16.ZARI (Greece)by Marina Satti3:01
17.Scared of Heights (Iceland)by Hera Björk3:04
18.Doomsday Blue (Ireland)by Bambie Thug3:04
19.Hurricane (Israel)by Eden Golan2:59
20.La noia (Italy)by Angelina Mango3:09
21.Hollow (Latvia)by Dons2:52
22.Luktelk (Lithuania)by Silvester Belt2:41
23.Fighter (Luxembourg)by Tali2:55
24.Loop (Malta)by Sarah Bonnici3:00
25.In the Middle (Moldova)by Natalia Barbu2:59
26.Europapa (Netherlands)by Joost2:40
27.Ulveham (Norway)by Gåte3:02
28.The Tower (Poland)by Luna3:00
29.Grito (Portugal)by iolanda2:56
30.11:11 (San Marino)by Megara3:00
31.Ramonda (Serbia)by Teya Dora2:54
32.Veronika (Slovenia)by Raiven2:46
33.ZORRA (Spain)by Nebulossa3:04
34.Unforgettable (Sweden)by Marcus & Martinus2:49
35.The Code (Switzerland)by Nemo3:00
36.Teresa & Maria (Ukraine)by alyona alyona & Jerry Heil3:00
37.Dizzy (United Kingdom)by Olly Alexander (Years & Years)2:53