Eurovision Song Contest: Rotterdam 2021 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Eurovision Song Contest: Rotterdam 2021by Various Artists

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:57:06


1.Karma (Albania)by Anxhela Peristeri2:59
2.Amen (Austria)by Vincent Bueno2:56
3.Technicolour (Australia)by Montaigne2:49
4.Mata Hari (Azerbaijan)by Efendi2:41
5.The Wrong Place (Belgium)by Hooverphonic2:57
6.Growing Up Is Getting Old (Bulgaria)by Victoria3:19
7.Tout L'Univers (Switzerland)by Gjon's Tears3:04
8.El Diablo (Cyprus)by Elena Tsagrinou3:02
9.Omaga (Czech Republic)by Benny Cristo3:00
10.I Don't Feel Hate (Germany)by Jendrik2:57
11.Øve Os På Hinanden (Denmark)by Fyr Og Flamme3:07
12.The Lucky One (Estonia)by Uku Suviste3:03
13.Voy a Quedarme (Spain)by Blas Cantó3:03
14.Dark Side (Finland)by Blind Channel2:58
15.Voilà (France)by Barbara Pravi2:57
16.Embers (United Kingdom)by James Newman2:56
17.You (Georgia)by Tornike Kipiani3:04
18.Last Dance (Greece)by Stefanίa3:00
19.Tick-tock (Croatia)by Albina3:00
20.Maps (Ireland)by Lesley Roy2:52
21.Set Me Free (Israel)by Eden Alene2:54
22.10 Years (Iceland)by Daði Freyr2:46
23.Zitti E Buoni (Italy)by Måneskin3:13
24.Discoteque (Lithuania)by THE ROOP3:01
25.The Moon Is Rising (Latvia)by Samanta Tīna3:00
26.Sugar (Moldova)by Natalia Gordienko2:59
27.Here I Stand (North Macedonia)by Vasil3:01
28.Je me casse (Malta)by Destiny2:59
29.Birth of a New Age (The Netherlands)by Jeangu MacRooy2:53
30.Fallen Angel (Norway)by TIX2:54
31.The Ride (Poland)by RAFAŁ3:01
32.Love Is on My Side (Portugal)by The Black Mamba2:56
33.Amnesia (Romania)by Roxen2:54
34.Loco Loco (Serbia)by Hurricane2:55
35.RUSSIAN WOMAN (Russia)by Manizha2:57
36.Voices (Sweden)by Tusse3:04
37.Amen (Slovenia)by Ana Soklič3:05
38.Adrenalina (San Marino)by Senhit2:51
39.SHUM (Ukraine)by Go_A3:59

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