Explain by Torul


by Torul

  • 4 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 18:38


1.Explain (original mix)3:03
2.Explain (Morana Airlines remix)3:46
3.Explain (Beborn Beton remix)4:43
4.Explain (extended mix)7:06

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This song is pretty dope! It sounds like something between the smiths and tears for fears. I like the danceable flavors of this track a lot and it is very well produced. This captures the sound of 80's pop so well and even enhances it because of modern sounds and mixing. This is one of those brooding and intense kind of songs that makes you feel like driving down the highway at high speeds. It feels very edgy and dangerous while also feeling like it wants to be left alone.

Overall, this song is pretty cool and worth listening to!