Extended And Remix: Italo Disco Rare Tracks mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Extended And Remix: Italo Disco Rare Tracksby Various Artists

  • 64 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:15:55


1.Feelin' Lucky Lately (extended version)by High Fashion6:40
2.The Glow Of Love (long version)by Change8:15
3.I'm Ready (12 version)by Kano7:18
4.On The Beat (87 Bronx remix)by The B.B. & Q. Band7:01
5.Stop (Ben Liebrand remix)by Valerie Allington6:14
6.Ask The Boss (remix)by Flowchart5:12
7.Paradise (extended DJ mix)by Change6:53
8.Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (US remix)by Firefly7:08
9.Be Free (extended version)by Dr. Togo6:14
10.Love Shot (club version)by The Armed Gang4:34
11.Step By Step (extended version)by Koxo7:26
12.Mistakes (extended mix)by The B.B. & Q. Band5:58
13.You're The Winner (extended version)by High Fashion6:33
14.Change Of Heart (Special extended mix)by Change8:21
15.Whatcha Gonna Do (12 version)by Firefly7:54
16.This Is Where The Love Is (extended version)by Zinc7:46
17.Let'S Make It (original 12 inch mix)by Valerie Allington6:18
18.Make Up Your Mind (extended version)by High Fashion6:53
19.Got To Get Up (extended version)by Change6:12
20.All I Wantby The Armed Gang7:10
21.Riccochet (Ben Leibrand mix)by The B.B. & Q. Band5:58
22.Mutual Attraction (Nick Martinelli version)by Change5:28
23.I Saw Him Make Eyes Atchoo (extended promo mix)by Flowchart6:13
24.On Top (extended version)by Change5:59
25.Imagination (extended promo mix)by The B.B. & Q. Band6:51
26.Don't Stop (club mix)by Firefly6:48
27.Let'S Go Together (The Paul Hardcastle remix)by Change5:33
28.All Night Long (She's Got The Moves I Like) (extended version)by The B.B. & Q. Band8:24
29.Hard Times (extended version)by Change6:02
30.R U Single (extended version)by Flowchart6:10
31.Keep It Hot (extended version)by The B.B. & Q. Band6:29
32.Love (extended version)by High Fashion6:17
33.I'm A Manby Macho17:39
34.Music Man (remix)by Revanche10:03
35.Walking On Music (DJ Promo mix)by Peter Jacques Band9:08
36.Do It Dancingby Firefly7:11
37.Angel In My Pocket (extended version)by Change7:10
38.Fly With The Wind (Us 12 Inch)by Peter Jacques Band9:08
39.1979 It's Dancing Time (promo mix)by Revanche8:14
40.Disco Shy (extended promo mix)by Gianni Riso5:11
41.Kalimba De Luna (original 12 inch mix)by Macho4:42
42.Is It It? (remix)by Peter Jacques Band5:43
43.Oh What A Night (version longue)by Change7:26
44.Your Door? (12 version)by Firefly4:24
45.A Little Love A Little Wineby Flowchart5:53
46.On The Beat (Dmc remix)by The B.B. & Q. Band6:54
47.Stop (extended version)by Valerie Allington6:09
48.Stay (No Time) (dance version)by Firefly5:52
49.The Beast In Me (feat Gordon Grody - original 12 inch mix)by Silence 26:48
50.Are You Ready (remix) (and The Armed Gang)by Kenny Clairbone6:30
51.I'll Take My Chances (extended version)by Zinc6:11
52.Oh What A Feeling (The Paul Hardcastle remix)by Change5:09
53.Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (1993 remix)by Firefly6:58
54.Let'S Make It (remix)by Valerie Allington5:20
55.Dreamer (Shep Pettibone long vocal version)by The B.B. & Q. Band7:12
56.I Just Want To Be Your Lover (extended version)by Firefly6:38
57.Gotta Take Your Loveby Game7:18
58.Drives Me Crazy (original 12 inch mix)by Peter Jacques Band6:32
59.Love Is Coming (12 version)by Firefly5:07
60.This Night (Special promo remix)by Peter Jacques Band6:52
61.Counting On Love (One, Two, Three) (extended versin)by Peter Jacques Band6:10
62.DISCO (12'' Inch)by Antirock7:32
63.Your Door? (dub version)by Firefly5:32
64.Keep On Grovingby The Armed Gang7:07

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