Fabric 46: Claude Vonstroke mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Fabric 46: Claude Vonstrokeby Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:00


1.Cry BabyThe Healer (feat. R. WürzEkkohaus -- feat. Mensa)by Ekkohaus3:20
2.The Greasy Beat (Tech-Funk mix) (and Bootsy Collins)by Claude VonStroke3:51
3.Trampenby Rob Van Halen2:34
4.Mes Yeuxby Holger Zilske4:37
5.Big Onion (Joakim Slap on It remix) / Galaxiusby Detroit Grand Pubahs / Roman Salanger2:52
6.Shake It / Downtime in the Hangarby DJ Deeon / Isomer Transitions2:04
7.After Eightby Stimming2:24
8.Free Entry for Girls (Robag Wrhume's Drikki Bass Rixmi Im Partyhuhn rework)by P. Lauer2:04
9.Just a Spoonfulby Voodeux4:18
10.Bla Bla Blaby Italoboyz2:28
11.Inside Ways (Boris Werner's Straight Out of Bed Look remix) (feat. dOP)by Varoslav3:21
12.Immortal (instrumental) (feat. Pirica)by Kiki2:11
13.Pilsnerd / Dirty Dirtyby Xpansul & Daweed / Marc Houle3:23
14.Maceo / Silentlyby Dinamoe / Clara Moto4:03
15.Symphonia (original version)by James Braun2:04
16.One Tooth Missingby Donk Boys1:54
17.Guippipepitscheby Wighnomy Brothers3:32
18.Espagnolby ICS2:09
19.RunningSF (and Brett LongmanCatz 'N Dogz)by Markus Schatz2:39
20.Kraftby Marc Miroir2:38
21.One Weekendby Stimming2:32
22.Aundyby Claude VonStroke8:02