Face the Beat: Session 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Face the Beat: Session 1by Various Artists

  • 55 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:01:11


1.I Dance Aloneby The Adamski Kid2:58
2.Evil Bloody Musicby Alien Vampires4:16
3.Things I Do (Pride & Glory mix by Personal Space)by Alpha Point5:23
4.Fight (Breakdown mix)by amGod5:29
5.House of Painby Armageddon Dildos4:59
6.Dead Soulsby Bella Lune4:46
7.Kall, elakby Bête Noire3:03
8.Yaam (I Proclaim Your Name) (with Hypnoskull)by Blackhouse4:44
9.Electricityby Canal Pop3:13
10.Forget Themby Chaos All Stars4:07
11.Give It To Youby Corporate Soldiers5:27
12.Breath Shallowby DarkDriveClinic4:01
13.So Shut Your Eyesby Daybehavior3:38
14.Selektionsfunktion (Reproduktionsversion)by [de:ad:cibel]4:42
15.Pray Into Sinby Decayed Reflection3:39
16.Last Man on Earth (7 inch edit)by Defence Mechanism4:30
17.Take Care (Plastic Noise Experience remix)by DI*ove3:26
18.One Wayby Diffuzion4:34
19.I Knew It Was Wrongby Distorted Reality3:50
20.Possessed (Side-Line mix)by Doom Generation4:25
21.Excelciorby Dril3:41
22.You Wear the Jesus (Sapphire mix)by Electro Spectre3:47
23.Burnedby Empusa5:17
24.My Darling Bulletby Freakangel4:20
25.Crown Thy Oppressorby H.EXE4:06
26.Sweetest Honeyby Halo in Reverse3:14
27.The Actor & The Thiefby Harvey & The Moon3:41
28.Sunshine Is My Destroyerby HausHetaere4:39
29.Punish Your Head (Raul Parra 1st mix)by Head-Less4:29
30.Leatherfaceby Human Steel3:42
31.Round and Roundby Inertia5:05
32.Owner of This House Lives Here (club mix)by Kant Kino3:14
33.W.A.Rby Kommander D3:12
34.Rhythm Machineby Komor Kommando5:24
35.Automatic Ideology (edit)by Krystal System3:17
36.Monsterby Malakwa5:24
37.Living Black Holeby The Mask of Sanity5:03
38.Everytimeby My Secret Machine5:10
39.Descentby Necrotek4:14
40.Floating Pointby Notstandskomitee3:59
41.CRASHINGdown Crushedby NOVAkILL5:17
42.Geh (single edit master)by P244:14
43.PaleVioleNtEveby PaPerCuts3:06
44.Anger Managementby Psy'Aviah4:35
45.God Bombby R/eject3:47
46.Chemical Distractionby Razorfade5:31
47.It's Your Turnby Reizstrom4:01
48.Das Mandatby Schwarzblut4:54
49.Valley of the Shadowsby Siva Six5:04
50.The Knife (64K mix)by SMP aka Sounds of Mass Production4:25
51.Masterplan (Foretaste remix)by TourdeForce5:09
52.Autobahnby Transatlantik5:29
53.Metakognitionby Umilenie5:42
54.Bloodgameby Xperiment5:32
55.Skin and Boneby 8 Digital4:17