Face the Beat: Session 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Face the Beat: Session 4by Various Artists

  • 90 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:58:54


1.Call to Armsby [SYNCOM]4:46
2.God Mode Enabledby A.D.R.O.N.3:20
3.Desperationby Antibody4:02
4.Commitmentby ARS5:36
5.Maldita Perraby Ater Mors5:20
6.Crystal Tears (feat. Mondträume)by Avarice in Audio4:12
7.Growl of the Owlby Basszilla6:52
8.Hacker (DJ Psyklon remix)by Binary Division5:12
9.Replicantby Bukser5:50
10.Lifeeby Charlie Jackson4:12
11.Hearts of Titansby Chrysanth5:18
12.What's Your Emergencyby Circuito Cerrado4:48
13.Figures and Facesby Cold Therapy3:58
14.Sognoby Colloquio4:24
15.Just One Look (club mix)by Cosmic Armchair3:52
16.Wasteful Scumby Cynical Existence4:02
17.Infinity Equals Zeroby Dark Side Eons5:24
18.Cerulean Seaby Distorted World4:44
19.Encrucijada En El Cieloby Distoxia4:06
20.Spit the Fire Outby Diversant135:52
21.Like to Make Musicby DJ Zevzek6:20
22.House on Haunted Hillby Electro Fear4:32
23.Game Overby Electrogenic3:58
24.Approach to Tokyo (Straight Connection mix)by Elektroklänge3:41
25.Edgeby ELM2:52
26.Secondary to My Loveby Entrzelle4:41
27.Mark 13by Error Fate5:00
28.The Other Side (Vigilante remix)by Essence of Mind4:32
29.Suicideby Exferno2:56
30.Saloon Storyby EXTIZE5:26
31.Where All of These Towns & Choices Endby Feeding Fingers4:08
32.Give in to Me (feat. Suzy VP)by Finkseye3:44
33.Unicorn Pornby Freaky Mind4:32
34.Denizen Darklightby Genre Peak4:06
35.Kakuma (The Unholy Land)by God Destruction6:00
36.Faceless (feat. Daveoramma)by Gross National Produkt4:16
37.The Devilby Invisible Devastation5:02
38.Deaths Doorby Jesus Complex6:00
39.Life (No Fucking Guitars edit)by Kant Kino3:31
40.Burn Dystopiaby kill minus nine4:58
41.Innermostby KPT4:10
42.Sagittariusby Kromak6:52
43.Lux Aeterna (Simon Carter's Breaks remix)by Llumen5:04
44.Lifelike Dreams V2by Mechatronic4:58
45.Erazorby Mildreda4:47
46.Elevations Highby MRSBLK2:50
47.Sea of Treesby My Dear Killer4:46
48.Lickby Mystified4:34
49.Deep Dive (All You Devils)by Neikka RPM3:10
50.The Shortwavesby Növö3:48
51.cRave (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)by nTTx5:42
52.Manipulacionby Obvianiger5:20
53.Reason (remix by Cutoff Sky)by Omnimar3:42
54.Mea Culpaby Orbicide4:46
55.Mechanical Heartby Pegasus Asteroid4:24
56.Streets of Soundby Possible Space3:10
57.Not What I Expected (feat. Fallon Nieves)by Psy'Aviah4:34
58.Tekhelet's Ice Cyclone (Exemia remix)by Psyborg Corp.3:54
59.Breathe Inby Purple Fog Side5:42
60.Perfect Fifthby Quizzical Notion5:00
61.The Screensby Requiem 4FM4:14
62.Believeby Sacrificial System4:30
63.Malicious Compliance [V.2]by Sacris Idolum3:40
64.Giles Coreyby Sawtooth6:24
65.Bastards Screaming Dryby Shades of Hell5:06
66.The Black Field (Psychological version)by Signal Operator4:50
67.These Pretty Thingsby Sin Sin3:59
68.To the Lightby Siva Six4:26
69.Ruinsby Slain Sun4:38
70.Backscatterby Slighter5:26
71.Storm Shelterby Spoiled Poisoned3:12
72.Zuckervater (707 mix)by Superikone4:40
73.We All Suckby Synapsyche4:30
74.Demonby Syncfactory4:06
75.Afterlife (Suppressor remix)by SynthAttack4:54
76.On the Other Side (remixed by Desastroes)by System Noire5:24
77.Still Walking (Framework mix)by The Psychic Force4:29
78.Burn This Cityby The Sweetest Condition3:50
79.Fallen Pt.2by Thornsectide3:00
80.Eisenman (short cut)by Totem Obscura4:14
81.We're All Demonsby Totten Mechanismus4:20
82.Deep Greenby Uncarnate5:28
83.Tomorrowby Unity One4:32
84.Eternal Sorrowby Vampire Knight8:02
85.NCFS (Exemia remix)by Van Roy Asylum3:48
86.Grotesque (Self-Portrait)by Venal Flesh5:38
87.Dear Enemy (Diverje Break the Core remix)by Viscera Drip3:56
88.Firefliesby Vitrea4:32
89.Visionary Sessionsby Weed8:42
90.Localsby YSR3:06