Face the Beat: Session 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Face the Beat: Session 5by Various Artists

  • 87 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:28:39


1.Until the End of Timeby Circumpolar7:08
2.You Can't Fuck Meby AD:keY3:54
3.Berlinby Aesthetische4:48
4.In My Arms (Ocean mix)by Aïboforcen5:23
5.Litanyby AL3:42
6.Secretsby Antibody3:42
7.Find My Own Way Outby Auger3:34
8.Trojan Horseby Avarice in Audio4:54
9.Fire Control (Ordinary Mammal remix)by Bellhead2:58
10.Netrunnerby Binary Division4:45
11.Sistema de Autoprotecciónby Bloque del Sur4:48
12.Hold on Your Soulsby Cattac3:00
13.Divine Introversionby Chrysanth4:42
14.Das Ist Lautby Circuito Cerrado4:30
15.Catacomb Songby Clusters of Fornication3:31
16.Using Me... Using Youby Dark Side Eons3:56
17.Zugswangby Dark-o-matic4:02
18.Crossing the Abyssby Dead Man's Hill6:42
19.Don't Blame Me (remix)by Deadjump4:30
20.Black Boxby Decent News4:03
21.Schutzraumby Dunkeldisco5:29
22.State of Meby E:lect4:12
23.Fear in Your Eyesby Electric Shock Can Kill3:54
24.Halloweenby Electro Fear4:45
25.I See Your Facesby Elezoria5:41
26.Death of the North (album version)by ELM3:57
27.Speed of Lightby Empusa5:20
28.I, Targeted Individual (I.T.I.)by Encrypt10n3:05
29.Outcastby Epiphaneia4:27
30.Dead Flowers (Agromix version)by Even More4:27
31.Auf Und Niederby Fabrikmutter4:55
32.Extinction Level Eventby Finkseye4:02
33.Increased Sensory Perception (album edit)by First Aid 4 Souls6:04
34.Happiness Imperativeby H.O.W.3:46
35.That's What It Feels Like in My Headby Halo in Reverse4:37
36.Die Machtby Hasswut3:26
37.I Pray I Dieby Human Vault6:54
38.Lostby I Hate Fridays4:30
39.Without Us You Are Nothingby IMJudas3:31
40.Burnby Interzone3:33
41.With Meby Invoke the Insult4:30
42.Relevance Outside Logic (Backstage Rampage remix by the Gothsicles)by Iszoloscope4:01
43.Dvnce, Ri0t, R3p3vtby KILLERWYTCH3:54
44.Unarthby Kilmarth4:05
45.Surrenderby KnK4:17
46.Dare to Liveby Lights A.M.5:44
47.Freya's Day (Skogkatt mix 07.12)by Maurits Stadt4:54
48.Place Where I Belongby Mental Discipline5:40
49.Renegadesby Mental Exile3:50
50.Echo of Freedomby Miranda Cartel3:28
51.New Era (vs. Vulture Culture)by Miss FD4:00
52.Electronic Insaneby Mokeacchino3:37
53.Lies (extended)by Munich Syndrome4:31
54.In Chains (Synth edit) (feat. F7)by N-6165:16
55.Into Rageby Neikka RPM3:10
56.Orbitoclast (instrumental cut)by Niton Decay4:38
57.Pleasure to Burn (Fires mix)by NØIR4:35
58.Obsoletby Non Toxique Lost5:58
59.Dreamstateby Non-Bio4:20
60.Selfish Fucksby Obscure Notion1:59
61.Distant Rock (FTB edit)by Pegasus Asteroid4:07
62.Alive (Terminal State remix)by Plague Called Humanity5:44
63.Hi Rez Lo Lifeby PlanetDamage6:03
64.Searching (feat. Mari Kattman)by Psy'Aviah4:20
65.Because You Told Meby Punch Reverse4:16
66.Burn (feat. C0r3 C1ty)by Purple Fog Side4:42
67.Welcome to Hellby Pzytechz3:22
68.The Circus of Falseby Reactor7x4:51
69.Muteby Reichsfeind3:43
70.Rain Factory (Monowaves remix)by Requiem4FM3:49
71.Grim Caveby Résonance magnétique4:10
72.Der Königby Sacha Korn4:14
73.Drownby Schuster5:09
74.NOT User Friendlyby Shadow System4:36
75.Datenschutzby Side-Order3:53
76.Assimilationby Stahlschlag4:07
77.Vampireby Studio-X5:07
78.Tr1_2018-0430by Sunao Inami4:50
79.The Hard Way of Suicideby Suppressor4:30
80.Who the Fuck Are You Nowby Synapsyche4:45
81.Bring the Madness Backby SynthAttack3:55
82.Fucking Uselessby Technoid5:07
83.Disappearby The Silverblack4:36
84.Diabolic Crushby Third Realm5:10
85.Space Forceby Tragic Impulse4:58
86.This Truthby unitcode:machine4:16
87.Bring the Stormby Unity One4:45

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