Face the Beat: Session 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Face the Beat: Session 6by Various Artists

  • 140 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:16:20


1.Stormby [Fabrikmutter]4:29
2.Auf Die Zeitby 3. Stock Links3:47
3.Kelvin (4200)by 808 DOT POP4:25
4.Sweet Sin (Lockdown mix)by A Slice of Life3:24
5.Sieg Oder Walhallaby Acylum5:19
6.Game Overby After the Rain5:38
7.Purifyby AL3:39
8.Holographic Deathsphereby Alien:Nation4:20
9.Voy A Matarleby Alvarez3:39
10.A Broken Melody (feat. Erik Molarin from Dark)by Amore Ad Lunam5:13
11.Confinamientoby Amorphous5:05
12.Run Away (original mix)by Ant People5:38
13.Sorrowby Antibody4:21
14.Schwarze Rosenby Apryl3:50
15.Naga (Shane Aungst remix)by Areal Kollen5:13
16.Lucid Dreamsby Ashes'N'Android4:13
17.November Engelby Auger3:36
18.Last Day on Earthby Basszilla4:56
19.With Guns (Afterbirth remix)by Bellhead3:24
20.Zero Toleranceby Binary Division5:40
21.Love Is a Crimeby Blackbook3:56
22.Make Me Humanby Blue Ant3:58
23.Yonderby Bukser6:27
24.Call of the Voidby Cable Bends Steel4:35
25.Just One More Dayby Cattac4:34
26.Farby (feat. Helga)by Chem3:44
27.Change the Colorby Cima Muta4:35
28.Lonely Machineby Clusters of Fornication5:34
29.Victimby Cold in May4:08
30.Hurry Up to Love Hereby Covered in Snow4:02
31.A (Alfa dub)by Cubic4:25
32.Going (feat. Brett Dee)by Cyber Monday3:30
33.Love & Hate (feat. Yona Kira)by Dance My Darling3:36
34.Wonderful (The Anix edit)by Daniel Hall3:45
35.Using Me ... Using Youby Dark Side Eons3:56
36.A Cage With the Door Wide Openby Dark-o-matic3:47
37.Burn the Witchesby Darkcell4:42
38.A Guédé Celebrationby Dead Man’s Hill_Black Crosses4:47
39.I'm Slipping Awayby Decent News4:41
40.Ylmnby Decent Ruins3:14
41.Machine Heartsby Die Schöne Maschine / The Beautiful Machine4:33
42.Come With Meby Digital Factor4:12
43.Dance of the Profaneby DJversion6664:10
44.Where the East Merges With the Westby Dreaming in Spanda5:39
45.Fließband (remixed by Niton Decay)by Effizienz4:07
46.Beaten by Drumsby E:lect4:04
47.Cat in the Brainby Electro Fear3:56
48.Wake Up (feat. Henrik Iversen)by Elektrostaub4:57
49.Ceiling and Walls (Temporary version)by Elezoria5:40
50.Horrifiedby ELZ AND THE CULT3:22
51.Oligarchsby Empelde4:04
52.Goneby Enhok4:53
53.This Situationby Enter Me4:23
54.Feeling Heavy These Daysby Entrzelle5:08
55.Unleash!by Epiphaneia4:14
56.Ghost on Earth (Spectral mix by Exophantom) (feat. Inline Sex Terror)by Extize5:29
57.Blankpageby Faith4:17
58.FRB20200502by Fast Radio Burst4:35
59.Dreambox (feat. Josef Stapel - Ultranoire)by First Aid 4 Souls4:21
60.Daddy Is the Devilby Freak Injection4:52
61.Headschattenby Gasoline Invertebrate4:09
62.Metropolis Necropolisby Helalyn Flowers3:46
63.Chemicalsby Heliophile3:35
64.At The Break Of Doomby Hell:Sector5:38
65.Paranoia (feat. Evgeny Gurov)by Hypermond.5:06
66.Generation Killby Illuminate Steele2:24
67.Chernoyarskby Invisible Devastation3:37
68.Inverted Aeonsby Iris Manta6:53
69.Obey Meby Jesus Complex3:20
70.Kapkanyby Kaif4:56
71.Trustby Kalt3:56
72.Belly Dance (original mix)by Kevin Follet3:28
73.Prince Ov Niteby Killerwytch3:09
74.Mirrorsby Kilmarth4:48
75.Alligator - Alligator (Jake Wiltshire Hyperfunk remix)by Knight$4:04
76.Idol Voinyby Kr.Emulate4:12
77.Waiting for the Dayby KRAFTman7:24
78.Jukebox Bulletby Kris "Halo" Pierce2:52
79.Neonby Last Activity5:19
80.Solitary Screamerby LCM4:59
81.Agnesby Lights A.M3:47
82.The Oublietteby Little Sap Dungeon5:15
83.Lifeline-Shibariby Llumen4:00
84.Emergeby Marc Heal3:54
85.Love Is Just Another Stab in the Back (video version)by Matthew Creed3:47
86.The Mourning Queenby Mayfair FM4:43
87.Empty (T.O.Y. remix) (feat. Wiegand)by Mental Discipline5:39
88.Streets on Fireby Mental Exile4:52
89.Gothenburg 2by Modulo One4:07
90.The Grindby Munich Syndrome4:14
91.Barbwired Kissesby My Dear Killer4:12
92.No Rootsby N-6165:02
93.Contentionby Nasdrowie5:23
94.In Rust We Trust (Nórdika remix)by Neuroactive5:06
95.Who the Hell Are Youby Normoria4:30
96.Christin's Songby O.P.A.L.5:45
97.Ways to Dieby OK Gargoyle4:18
98.Angerby Omnimar3:25
99.Автократорby Otto Dix3:55
100.All Debts Forgivenby Paul Handley3:48
101.Danger Zone of Mortis (Face the Beat edit)by Pegasus Asteroid4:00
102.Ordoliberal Finalby Phil Stilles4:09
103.Form Follows Functionby Planetdamage5:51
104.Drugs Will Tear Us Apartby Post Machinery Environment4:40
105.Razorbladeby Pro Patria4:04
106.Chicago (Emerald City mix)by Project443:41
107.City in Flames (feat. Ellia Bisker)by Psy’Aviah4:56
108.The Sky Ablaze (Monowaves remix)by Purple Fog Side3:57
109.Welcome to Hellby Pzytechz3:22
110.Maschinen Sind Treu (First Revolution)by Rector Scanner3:49
111.Dirty Lawyersby Red Panel3:26
112.Persona (single edit)by Reichsfeind3:08
113.Not User Friendlyby Shadow System4:35
114.The Epoch of Manby Sinthetik Messiah5:02
115.Stand Upby Sound Warriors3:06
116.Army of Impostors (Unity One remix)by Stars Crusaders3:52
117.Always Apart (feat. Chiron)by Stillife3:22
118.Nature of Divinityby Strict Machine5:20
119.Dance Like a Godby Strikkland3:53
120.2020-0814by Sunao Inami4:21
121.Śūnyatāby Suppressor5:15
122.Persona Non Grataby Suzi Sabotage4:45
123.Viva Insanityby Synapsyche4:43
124.Harsh Will Never Die (Noise Resistance remix)by SynthAttack4:42
125.We Came to Party (Noize Level remix)by T3RR0R 3RR0R4:22
126.Backyard Burner (Side-Line edit)by Testube3:59
127.From Beyond the Graveby The Black Capes4:09
128.Sparks Around Usby The Breath of Life5:09
129.Sickstagramby The Schmoovers5:10
130.Gazing at the Starsby Third Realm4:47
131.Trapped Heartby Toal3:37
132.Comatose (remixed by Mas-Si-Osare)by Traumatize4:41
133.The Signalby Twins3:52
134.Paper Empiresby unitcode:machine3:40
135.Without Me (feat. Anita Kyoda)by Valentine Reptile4:53
136.Passagier (Previously Unreleased)by Vlimmer4:19
137.Emptytombby White Cauldron4:25
138.Sechs Krähenby Zauber3:54
139.Can You Hear Meby Zero A.D.4:42
140.What We Areby Zwaremachine4:44

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