Failure (Digipak Edition) mp3 Album by The Posies

Failure (Digipak Edition)by The Posies

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:07:51


1.Blind Eyes Open3:55
2.The Longest Line3:14
3.Under Easy3:28
4.Like Me Too3:38
5.I May Hate You Sometimes3:23
6.Ironing Tuesdays2:58
7.Paint Me4:09
8.Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself)4:11
10.At Least For Now3:36
12.What Little Remains2:54
13.Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself) (Live)4:37
14.I May Hate You Sometimes (Demo)3:16
15.Paint Me (Demo)3:12
16.Like Me Too (Demo)3:31
17.Alison Hubbard (Instrumental)2:44
18.After Many A Summers Dies The Swan (Insturmental)1:13
19.Blind Eyes Open (Instrumental Demo)2:38
20.At Least For Now (Instrumental Demo)3:42