Fantasy Dance Hits, Vol.10 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Fantasy Dance Hits, Vol.10by Various Artists

  • 72 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:08:34


Disk #1

1.Intro 2008/1by Picco1:26
2.On and On (radio edit) (vs. The Real Booty Babes)by Paffendorf3:17
3.Nie Wieder (FDH radio edit)by DJ Phil3:04
4.Yeke Yeke (FDH radio edit)by Picco3:34
5.Shine On (radio edit)by R.I.O.3:25
6.Only in My Dreams (Sam G. radio edit)by Como3:04
7.La Isla Bonita (radio edit)by Commercial Club Crew3:21
8.See the Future (club radio edit)by Butterfly3:20
9.Gebongt (radio edit)by Heiko & Maiko3:17
10.Hardcore (radio edit)by Junkfood Junkies3:26
11.Dildo (Picco vs. Jens O. Jump edit)by Interactive3:01
12.Eins Zwei Polizei (Blutonium Boys remix cut)by Mo-Do3:09
13.You've Got House (Sample Rippers radio edit)by Lazy Monkeys3:16
14.Mysterious Times 2008 (Kindervater vs. Jens O. remix edit)by Sash!2:41
15.Booming Track (radio edit)by Ekowraith3:34
16.Losing Love (radio edit)by Brisby & Jingles3:38
17.Everything Is Changing (Verano remix edit)by Rikah3:37
18.I Need a Hero (Picco vs. Jens O. Jumper edit) (meets Blue Nature)by Andrew Spencer3:00
19.Remmi Demmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah!) (radio edit)by Deichkind3:59
20.Suavemente (K La Cuard radio edit)by Cuba Club3:37

Disk #2

1.Apologize (Sunloverz vs. Michael Mind remix edit) (vs. The Real Booty Babes)by De-Grees3:00
2.Try and Try (Kindervater radio edit)by 4 Clubbers3:23
3.Something (Rave Allstars remix edit)by Alex Megane3:15
4.Da geht er hoch (Bangbros remix radio edit) (feat. Bangbros)by Dem Loui3:20
5.And When the Rain Falls (Ekowraith vs. Picco remix edit) (vs. Blue Amazon)by DJ Franky Jones3:36
6.The Masterplan (single edit)by Discotronic3:21
7.Get Shaky (Ian Carey TV edit)by The Ian Carey Project3:27
8.Two, Three, Four (dub radio cut)by Michael Mind3:04
9.D.I.S.C.O. (radio edit)by Dabruck & Klein3:40
10.Move Mania (radio edit)by Jens O.3:28
11.Walking in the Sky (radio mix)by Deecee3:33
12.The Whistle (Picco vs. Jens O. Jump edit)by King Amir2:51
13.Hardcore Vibez (single edit)by Sample Rippers3:16
14.Played-A-Live (radio edit)by The Real Booty Babes3:38
15.Killer (Mac & Mac edit *130* mix)by Starkillers2:49
16.Fisatec (radio version)by Egger3:18
17.When You're Looking Like That (Rob Mayth remix)by Topmodelz3:33
18.I Won't Forget You (Raindropz! remix edit)by Punk Rockerz3:12
19.High Heels (radio mix)by Squeezer3:24
20.Don't Go (Michael Mind remix cut)by Bronko3:05

Disk #3

1.Call on Meby Eric Prydz2:31
2.Blinded by the Light (feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band)by Michael Mind1:24
3.For You (feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band)by The Disco Boys2:55
4.Glücklichby Heiko & Maiko1:58
5.This Timeby DJ Antoine1:49
6.Nowby CYB1:34
7.Nobody Likes the Records That I Playby DJ Tocadisco1:40
8.Somebody to Loveby Boogie Pimps1:05
9.Pump It Upby Danzel2:03
10.Rhythm Is a Dancerby Snap!1:55
11.Ecuadorby Sash!1:55
12.Go!by Avancada1:24
13.Fire Wireby Cosmic Gate2:54
14.Childrenby Robert Miles1:23
15.9 PM (Till I Come)by ATB2:04
16.Turn the Tideby Sylver1:23
17.The Nighttrain (and DBN feat. Kadoc)by D.O.N.S.1:36
18.L'amour toujours (L'Amour version)by Gigi D'Agostino2:11
19.Sonic Empireby Members of Mayday1:02
20.Hard to Say I'm Sorryby Aquagen2:48
21.Freefallby Jeckyll & Hyde1:57
22.Trafficby Tiësto1:15
23.Be Coolby Paffendorf2:32
24.On the Moveby Barthezz2:58
25.Desenchantéeby Kate Ryan2:58
26.I Believeby CR21:50
27.Everybodyby Rocco1:08
28.Sunshine (and WestBam)by Dr. Motte1:29
29.Maria (I Like It Loud)by Scooter0:55
30.Wicked (vs. Jens O.)by Picco0:47
31.Moonlight Shadowby Groove Coverage1:41
32.Operation Bladeby Public Domain0:31

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