Far Cry 4: Original Game Soundtrack by Cliff Martinez

Far Cry 4: Original Game Soundtrack

by Cliff Martinez

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:59:01


Disk #1

1.Trial by Fire4:22
2.Welcome to Kyrat3:36
3.Into the Fire2:03
4.Sudden Trouble3:04
5.The Target2:03
6.Take Down2:03
7.No Respite2:38
8.Secrets of the Goddess2:05
9.The Mountain Watches2:25
10.Unfamiliar Paths2:41
11.Awash in the Day2:17
12.Every Road an Exit2:08
13.The Hard Road1:50
14.One by One1:49
15.Sabal's Suite4:37
16.Predator's Way2:18
17.Here They Come2:08
18.Once More With Teeth2:07
19.Lives to Spare2:00
20.Royal Reception3:02
21.Prisoners of Despair2:41
22.Amita's Rage2:59
23.The Moon's Light2:45

Disk #2

1.The Cooling Night2:53
2.Like a Tiger's Shadow3:52
3.Retreat Is a Victory2:11
4.Every Life, a New Warrior3:07
5.No One Left Behind1:32
6.No End to Them1:52
7.Amita's Suite4:25
8.Onto the Mountain That Walks4:01
9.The Great One4:23
10.To Face a Demon1:23
11.A Thing of Legends2:34
12.Finding Our Way2:19
13.Under Kyrat's Stars2:59
14.The Horrors of Men1:54
15.Victory by Inches3:03
16.What Is Sacred...2:07
17.Blood of Faith2:04
18.A Sermon of Bullets2:04
19.Painted in Blood2:27
20.The Whisper of My Blade3:56
21.Bhadra's Suite4:14