Fearless Leader mp3 Artist Compilation by John Coltrane

Fearless Leaderby John Coltrane

  • 48 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:51:14


Disk #1

1.Straight Street6:19
2.While My Lady Sleeps4:44
3.Chronic Blues8:14
5.Violets for Your Furs6:18
6.Time Was7:29
7.I Hear a Rhapsody6:03
8.Trane's Slo Blues6:06
10.Like Someone in Love5:01
11.I Love You5:31

Disk #2

1.You Leave Me Breathless7:25
2.Bass Blues7:48
3.Soft Lights4:45
4.Traneing In12:37
5.Slow Dance5:30
6.Lush Life14:03
7.The Believer13:50
8.Nakatini Serenade11:02

Disk #3

1.Come Rain or Come Shine8:47
3.Russian Lullaby5:36
4.Theme for Ernie4:59
5.You Say You Care6:17
6.Good Bait12:11
7.I Want to Talk About You10:57
8.Rise 'n' Shine7:17
9.I See Your Face Before Me9:56

Disk #4

1.If There Is Someone Other Than You9:23
2.Little Melonae14:07
3.By the Numbers12:03
4.Black Pearls13:14
5.Lover Come Back to Me7:29
6.Sweet Sapphire Blues18:14

Disk #5

1.Spring Is Here6:57
3.I'm a Dreamer, Aren't We All7:04
4.Love Thy Neighbor9:25
5.Don't Take Your Love From Me9:17
7.My Ideal7:36
8.I'll Get By8:09

Disk #6

1.Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?5:14
2.The I'll Be Tired of You9:31
3.Something I Dreamed Last Night10:51
5.Goldsboro Express4:46
6.Time After Time7:43