Field Recordings, Volume 14: Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky 1934-c.1950 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Field Recordings, Volume 14: Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky 1934-c.1950by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:12


1.Will You Guide Meby Bat & Her Quartet1:35
2.Ain't That Good Newsby Bat & Her Quartet3:08
3.It Keeps on Leakin' in This Old Buildingby Edward's Luling Dixie Singers1:54
4.How Did You Feel When You Come out of the Wildernessby Edward's Luling Dixie Singers3:11
5.Sun Didn't Shine out on Yonder Mountainby Liberty Highschool Quartet1:33
6.Holy Babyby Magnolia Five2:42
7.Have You Any Time for Jesusby The Paramount Singers3:45
8.When the Moon Went Down and Vanished Awayby The Paramount Singers3:07
9.I'm Looking for the Man That Don't Know Jesusby The Paramount Singers3:24
10.Travelin' Shoesby The Paramount Singers2:56
11.Forgive Me Lord, One More Timeby The Paramount Singers3:26
12.Jonahby The Paramount Singers2:28
13.Good Evening Everybodyby Bessemer Big Four3:42
14.Golden Bellsby Bessemer Big Four3:49
15.Don't Let Nobody Turn You Aroundby Fairfield Four2:12
16.John the Revelatorby Spiritual Four Quartet of Thomastown Georgia3:11
17.Twenty-Fifth Day of Decemberby Middle Georgia Four2:35
18.When Was Jesus Bornby Middle Georgia Singers2:24
19.Now What a Timeby New York Georgia Singers4:16
20.What a Timeby Golden Jubilee Quartet1:58
21.Heaven in My Viewby Unknown Quartet3:10
22.When the Roll Is Called in Heavenby Star Gazers1:20
23.Brother Mosesby Star Gazers1:02
24.New Jerusalemby Star Gazers3:03
25.I Want Somewhere to Lay My Headby Star Gazers2:22
26.He Knows How Much We Can Bearby Star Gazers2:59