Fifty Shades of Jazz, Vol. 1:Erotic, Sensual, Music Therapy mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Fifty Shades of Jazz, Vol. 1:Erotic, Sensual, Music Therapyby Various Artists

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:51:04


1.Evening Groove (Gentle Mix)by Vladi Strecker8:17
2.The Colours Of Light (Sky Sergeant Mix)by DJ Maretimo6:18
3.Walk In The Moonlight (Smoother Cut)by Bar Blue4:01
4.Espace Essentials (Sundown Dinner Mix)by Sky Sergeant5:14
5.De El Mar A La Luna (Jazz Loungebar Mix)by Vladi Strecker6:40
6.Voyage Transatlantique (Mix De La Mer)by Jazzy James Jr5:08
7.Aimless Memories (More Time For Less Mix)by The Man Behind C6:20
8.Changing Winds (Jazzfly Mix)by Laid Back Avenue5:48
9.Blue (Smooth Mix)by Chillwalker4:38
10.Manhattan Lobby (Jazzlounger Mix)by Cafe Americaine5:07
11.A Smooth Day For You (Brilliance Mix)by Vladi Strecker5:35
12.Jazz Up (Slowtime Mix)by Jazzy James Jr4:36
13.A Night Like This (The Smooth Way Mix)by Bar Blue4:38
14.Space Shuttle (Satellite Mix)by Astro Noise4:19
15.Abandoned Afternoons (Mirror Mix)by Magic Life5:47
16.Sofa Shuttle (Midnight Mix)by Jazzy James Jr4:58
17.Citybreak (5th Avenue Mix)by Pascal Dubois4:27
18.Sly Wind (Key No 9 Mix)by The Man Behind C6:01
19.After The Rain (Flowmotion Piano Mix)by Vladi Strecker9:06
20.Night Train (Double String Mix)by Orange Music6:29
21.Extatic Chill (Soulsession Mix)by Emotional5:14
22.Funky Bossa (Late Night Mix)by Bar Blue3:42
23.The Second Paradise (Timeless Mix)by The Man Behind C6:29
24.Contemplation (Meditation La Mer Mix)by Vladi Strecker6:00
25.If You Were Here Tonight (2 & A Half Cut)by Kid Coconutz5:30
26.Embrasse Moi (French Trumpet Mix)by Cafe Americaine4:57
27.Shadow Of Your Smile (Jazzfinger Cut)by Orange Music6:10
28.Overlook (Laid Back Future Mix)by Vladi Strecker6:59
29.Marzipan Ladder (Jazzy Fingers Cut)by The Man Behind C5:48
30.Backwood (Deep Wah Wah Mix)by Orange Music5:30
31.Daylight (Jazz Chill Mix)by Emotional5:17
32.Dreamy Faces (Paris Mix)by Green Lemon6:33
33.He And She (Pure Emotion Cut)by Vladi Strecker5:21
34.Watch Out (feat Io Vita) [Blue Harmonix version]by Noise Boyz6:26
35.Come Dream With Me (Smooth Control Mix)by Bar Blue5:03
36.Finally Anna (Smooth Jam Mix)by Chillwalker4:21
37.Taste Of Life (Slow Motion Cut)by Vladi Strecker3:22
38.Sentimental Image (feat Magica Fe) [Latin Jazz Mix]by Green Lemon5:54
39.Make You Mine (Soulsession Mix)by Emotional5:30
40.City Collars (Funklounge Cut)by Orange Music5:32
41.Moonshine (Laid Back Sax Mix)by Bar Blue4:43
42.Another Wonder (Laid Back Jazz Mix)by Noise Boyz5:48
43.My Way (Jazzomatic Mix)by Emotional4:43
44.Music And Wine (Melancolic Sax Fly)by The Man Behind C5:40
45.Night City Voice (New York Groove Mix)by Pascal Dubois4:18
46.Mellow Moon (West Mix)by Noise Boyz6:57
47.Love Is In The Air (Cool Down Mix)by Emotional5:31
48.New Dawn (Cold Sunset Guitar Cut)by Desert Tunes5:42
49.Aviators Jam (Night Navigator Mix)by Jazzy James Jr5:15
50.Daydreams Of The Sparrow (Over The Roofs Mix)by Noise Boyz6:32
51.Fifty Shades Of Jazz Part 1 (Continuous DJ Mix)by DJ Maretimo2:11:29
52.Fifty Shades Of Jazz Part 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)by DJ Maretimo2:01:21