~Figment mp3 Album by Koan
  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:07:44


1.Entrance (~Figment mix)6:53
2.The Voyeur (~Figment mix)8:33
3.Opened Casket9:08
4.A Game of Shadows (Figment_ mix)8:24
5.Coma Berenices9:31
6.Fata Morgana (Figment_ mix)9:04
7.Lure (Figment mix)8:22
8.Rhiannon (~Figment mix)9:38
9.Low Farce (Figment_ mix)8:58
10.The Prestige (Roeth & Grey edit)7:08
11.Abduction (~Figment mix)10:10
12.Foggy Juggler (~Figment mix)9:45
13.Sad Clown9:16
14.Latent (~Figment mix)8:39
15.Through the Myst (~Figment mix)4:15