Final Fantasy IV: Echoes Of Betrayal, Light Of Redemption mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Final Fantasy IV: Echoes Of Betrayal, Light Of Redemptionby Various Artists

  • 46 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:21:37


Disk #1

1.Full of Courage (The Red Wings)by Nutritious4:46
2.The Might of Baron (Kingdom of Baron)by audio fidelity6:00
3.Overture ~ Tellah's Prophecy (Medley)by Aeroz4:30
4.Journey to Solace (Sorrow and Loss)by Avaris5:39
5.Ana(pro)logue (Prologue)by Another Soundscape3:34
6.The Flying Machine (Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV)by John Revoredo2:28
7.Read the Sine (Welcome to Our Town!)by Mazedude3:01
8.Emerald Beauty (Rydia)by Cyril The Wolf5:42
9.RDX Necklace (Bomb Ring)by Children Of The Monkey Machine & audio fidelity4:37
10.Of Fiend and Man (Battle 1)by Tweek3:36
11.Interlude ~ Yay! (Fanfare)by Dragonavenger0:44
12.The Skies Hold No Angels for Us (Damcyan Castle)by Level 99 & audio fidelity5:48
13.Edward's Dream Quartet (Edward's Harp)by Abadoss7:05
14.Golbez 'N Goblins (Golbez, Clad in Darkness)by bLINd4:42
15.Fighting for Tomorrow (Fabul)by OA & Nutritious5:30

Disk #2

1.Mystic Variations (Mystic Mysidia)by Aeroz4:05
2.Metal Mage (Palom and Porom)by Cyril The Wolf2:16
3.Smiling Hilltop for Four Hands (Mt. Ordeals)by Long Dao2:55
4.Step into the Light (Into the Darkness)by Nutritious3:24
5.Long Time Gone (A Long Way to Go)by the prophet of mephisto3:33
6.Rhymes with Elixir (Chocobo Chocobo)by The Scuba Divers4:47
7.Interlude ~ Nom! (Enter Fat Chocobo)by Dragonavenger0:40
8.Blue Planet in Mode 7 (The Airship)by Nathan Rich4:45
9.Goodbye Cid... (Hey Cid!)by Wiesty4:17
10.Almost Fell for the Trojan (Troian Beauty)by ilp04:07
11.Somewhere to Hide (Somewhere in the World...)by Hy Bound4:30
12.Fallen Dragoon (Suspicion)by Aeroz5:34
13.Fallen Ascent (Tower of Zot)by Children Of The Monkey Machine5:13
14.Survival Instinct (Battle 2)by Sole Signal4:03
15.OMFG! GET OUT OF THERE!!! (Run!)by Cyril The Wolf2:10
16.Lacrima (Sorrow and Loss)by Rozovian5:01
17.Theme of Love for Guitar Duet (Theme of Love)by Pot Hocket4:14

Disk #3

1.Tundra of Dwarves (Land of Dwarves)by Long Dao3:10
2.In the Land of Dwarves (Giott, King of the Dwarves)by ilp03:56
3.Path of Deception (The Land of Summons)by bLINd5:32
4.Calcobrena After a Night of Dinner and Dancing (Dancing Calbrena)by Level 994:56
5.Treason (Battle with the Four Fiends)by Kidd Cabbage5:11
6.Until the Tower Falls (Tower of Bab-il)by Nutritious & OA4:36
7.Evoking the Dawn (The Prelude)by Bogusred4:20
8.A Savior Ascends (Lunar Whale)by Vampire Hunter Dan6:51
9.The Still Land (The Lunarians)by James George4:08
10.Bridge to Eternity (Within the Giant)by bLINd4:24
11.Finale Part One ~ Éminence Grise (Another Moon)by OA3:51
12.Finale Part Two ~ Genesis of Destruction (The Final Battle)by audio fidelity, OA & Nutritious7:48
13.Facing (Epilogue)by Fishy4:48
14.Kind of Green (Rydia)by Abadoss & audio fidelity4:50