Final Fantasy X: Original Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Final Fantasy X: Original Soundtrackby Various Artists

  • 91 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:26:51


Disk #1

1."Listen to My Story"by 森田成一0:09
2.At Zanarkandby 植松伸夫3:05
3.Preludeby 植松伸夫3:44
4.Tidus' Themeby 植松伸夫3:34
5.Otherworldby Bill Muir3:15
6.Run!!by 仲野順也2:40
7.This Is Your Storyby 仲野順也2:20
8.Creepby 仲野順也2:48
9.Battle Themeby 植松伸夫3:22
10.Victory Fanfareby 植松伸夫1:35
11.Game Overby 植松伸夫0:34
12.Out of the Frying Panby 植松伸夫3:06
13.Leap in the Darkby 仲野順也1:27
14.Underwater Ruinsby 仲野順也4:16
15.Oui Are Al Bhedby 植松伸夫3:25
16.Enemy Attackby 仲野順也2:42
17.The Blitzersby 植松伸夫3:53
18.Besaidby 浜渦正志4:44
19.Spira Unpluggedby 植松伸夫2:49
20.Hymn of the Faythby 植松伸夫0:44
21.Phantomsby 仲野順也3:47
22.The Trialsby 植松伸夫3:34
23.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Valeforby 植松伸夫0:42
24.The Summoningby 仲野順也0:39
25.Braska's Daughterby 植松伸夫3:46
26.Goodnightby 植松伸夫0:08

Disk #2

1.Yuna's Themeby 植松伸夫3:31
2.Movement in Greenby 植松伸夫3:16
3.The Sendingby 植松伸夫1:33
4.Calm Before the Stormby 植松伸夫3:10
5.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Ifritby 植松伸夫0:41
6.Lucaby 仲野順也3:41
7.Grand Maester Mikaby 仲野順也1:16
8.Decision on the Dockby 仲野順也1:13
9.The Splendid Performanceby 浜渦正志3:32
10.Face-Offby 浜渦正志2:07
11.Blitz Offby 浜渦正志3:32
12.Auron's Themeby 植松伸夫2:44
13.Mi'ihen Highroadby 植松伸夫3:23
14.Chocobo Jamby 植松伸夫2:52
15.The Travel Agencyby 浜渦正志3:06
16.They May Passby 植松伸夫1:11
17.Seymour's Themeby 植松伸夫3:06
18.Twilightby 仲野順也4:41
19.Djose Templeby 植松伸夫3:18
20.Hymn of the Fayth ~ IXionby 植松伸夫0:41
21.Ride ze Shoopuf?by 植松伸夫4:13
22.Rikku's Themeby 植松伸夫4:03
23.Guadosalamby 仲野順也3:24

Disk #3

1.Thunder Plainsby 浜渦正志3:44
2.Jecht's Themeby 植松伸夫2:34
3.Macalania Woodsby 浜渦正志3:20
4.The Voidby 仲野順也2:19
5.The Temple Playersby 仲野順也2:22
6.Seymour's Ambitionby 植松伸夫2:14
7.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Shivaby 植松伸夫0:41
8.Pursuitby 仲野順也2:11
9.The Burning Sandsby 浜渦正志3:46
10.Perilby 浜渦正志4:03
11.The Truth Revealedby 植松伸夫4:06
12.Launchby 浜渦正志3:29
13.The Weddingby 浜渦正志1:13
14.Assaultby 浜渦正志4:06
15.Tragedyby 浜渦正志4:03
16.Believeby 浜渦正志1:27
17.Via Purificoby 植松伸夫2:29
18.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Bahamutby 植松伸夫0:42
19.Moment of Truthby 浜渦正志3:39
20.Patricideby 植松伸夫2:42
21.Suteki da ne?by RIKKI5:34

Disk #4

1.Yuna's Decisionby 植松伸夫3:43
2.Lulu's Themeby 植松伸夫3:53
3.Bravely Forwardby 植松伸夫3:26
4.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Yojimboby 植松伸夫0:43
5.Servants of the Mountainby 浜渦正志4:42
6.Hymn of the Fayth ~ The Ronsoby 植松伸夫0:43
7.Wanderingby 浜渦正志4:41
8.A Fleeting Dreamby 植松伸夫4:25
9.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Yunalescaby 植松伸夫0:43
10.Challengeby 浜渦正志4:19
11.Beyond the Darknessby 浜渦正志4:39
12.Gloomby 仲野順也4:29
13.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Spiraby 植松伸夫0:44
14.The Unsent Laughby 植松伸夫3:33
15.Fight With Seymourby 植松伸夫5:47
16.Hymn of the Fayth ~ Animaby 植松伸夫0:43
17.A Contest of Aeonsby 仲野順也5:57
18.Final Battleby 浜渦正志5:51
19.Ending Themeby 植松伸夫5:30
20."Never Forget Them"by 青木麻由子0:15
21.Suteki da ne? (orchestra version)by RIKKI6:19