First Things First mp3 Album by I Call Fives

First Things Firstby I Call Fives

  • 7 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 23:03


1.Ready to Go3:25
2.My Last Mistake3:39
3.Coast to Coast2:34
4.12 Credits Short3:04
6.Running in Circles3:34
7.This Song Is So...20063:43
Richard Chapman
I Call Fives is slowly making their way into the pop punk genre and it has been a long journey to make it into mainstream. Their album "First Things First" released in 2008 is a small album but will definitely do it's part to gain a solid fan base. Songs like "Ready to Go" is a good opening track that offers easily listening and a driving drum beat that keeps the song chugging along. Next up is "My Last Mistake" which definitely picks up the pace and showcases amazing drum fills in between verses and the chorus. The next few tracks become slightly mundane and follows suit of "Ready to Go" with a simple driving drum beat and guitars palm muting sixteenth notes. The album will pick back up with "Overtime" revived by complicated drum fills and varying guitar rhythms for the pre-chorus. Overall this is a good album for anyone wanting to expand their pop-punk library, but the album doesn't really do anything the push the genre forward. I still is definitely a must buy!