Flammend' Herz by The Dead Brothers

Flammend' Herz

by The Dead Brothers

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 35:44


1.Time Has Goneby The Dead Brothers2:44
2.Things You Hideby The Dead Brothers1:30
3.Am I To Be The Oneby The Dead Brothers2:29
4.Geitzugby The Dead Brothers2:19
5.Swing 48 Radioby The Dead Brothers2:20
6.Roadworker Bluesby The Dead Brothers2:51
7.Kund Und Wolfeby The Dead Brothers1:52
8.Good Time Religionby The Dead Brothers1:56
9.Tattoo Javaby The Dead Brothers0:34
10.Never Sang the Bluesby The Dead Brothers2:00
11.Nunca le cantado el bluesby The Dead Brothers1:59
12.Der Waldby The Dead Brothers3:29
13.The Moleby The Dead Brothers1:26
14.Tod Vone Baselby The Dead Brothers1:16
15.The Wind i de Wideby The Dead Brothers2:12
16.Volé Mon Traineauby The Dead Brothers1:04
17.Mai Lo Cantado Il Bluesby The Dead Brothers2:09
18.Lulu's Back In Townby The Dead Brothers0:56
19.Tattoo Javaby The Dead Brothers0:38